GC sucking action bug

Hello all,


I tried to rewatch the replay and make a short youtube but it went out of sync.. 😞

So what happened is around 35:00 my Com was runing away from a GC.

I got a T2 transporter and lifted my Com (While still under fire)

The T2 Trans and my com got sucked into the GCs claw and destroyed.

What I did with the GC: I right-clicked the ACU several times while it was loading.

Not sure if the transport ship was captured by the Claws, but it may seem so.
Beam kept locked on ACU, that looked very wired.

Not a bug.

GC claws work on most* ground targets -> Landed air units are ground targets -> Transports land when picking up units ->

Transports are valid claw targets while picking up units

*only exceptions off the top of my head are ACUs, SACUs, and T4s. Too lazy to check the claw code if there are more

Yeah, technically this isn't a bug. It is hilarious though

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

The transport holding 1 unit before flying in the area and not dropping it, then picking up the com should be immune right?

I don't know, if a Mantis can shoot at it then the claw can grab it.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

It was discussed in the 'new gc is a beast' thread about sucking up a Continental.

Still, the Laser locking on the ACU while the Transport was sucked in looked hilarious!