Unupgraded UEF com survives tac snipe

Is it OK that UEF coms, having 12k HP, survive 2 tactical missiles dealing 12k damage in total?

I understand that it is due to regen, but still. Do we accept it?

Skill issue. Just time the TML better.

Why should we not accept it? That's kind of the point of regeneration.

I will trade exactly 1 UEF HP for sparky radar and facs.

@i_forgorthescene Not really: In my test, the TMLs and the com formed T with TMLs to the sides and touching each other, still not a kill.

UEF have a lot of HP breakpoints that allow survival where other factions die. The balance team unofficially (or perhaps officially) view these as part of the UEF's factional strength to make up for its other deficiencies. I'll let the UEF warriors explain said deficiencies for me.
Basically, there won't be a change to the UEF in regards to the OP's concerns from anyone who could make changes.

@Giebmasse get in here. Guidelines breach. (It's also about the UEF)

I would suggest adding a rule that regen stops for a certain amount of time every time an ACU takes damage. Even if it's just for 1 second. That would basically turn off regen during fights and it would make it much harder to regen while you're being harassed, e.g. by t1 bombers.

Among other things, it would prevent an ACU from regening in the 1-2 "ticks" between two TMLs hitting if they're fired at the same time from two launchers close to each other. So it solves this problem.

And it would change how people can use regen ACUs. They would have to find breaks in the combat in order to get the regen going. So it would encourage players to try to keep the pressure on against enemy ACUs.

I don't know for sure that this would be a good change, but it would be very interesting to see what happens. Obviously, we might need to buff regen upgrades in other ways to make up for losing out on regen at these important times.

That plus "gain zero HP when the unit vets" would be pretty cool. The extra max HP from gaining vet would take time to fill up so getting veterancy during a fight wouldn't make a difference until you get out of the fight.

I think it would make the game a lot more stressful and sweaty but also more fun.

Both those changes would nerf offensive ACUs to shit and basically make it suicide to have a combat ACU beyond late t1 stage. Getting HP from vet is entirely what allows for sweaty/stressful gameplay since it punishes greedy attempts to kill ACU and rewards smart/efficient ACU play.

Being able to survive 2 TMLs is also such a ridiculously inconsequential thing in the game that it hardly warrants changing the whole game for the sheer fact it exists. Not to mention adding yet another weird, esoteric exception to ACUs is just terrible game design in general.

Like this is literally on the level of complaining that sera ACU is slightly taller so it has a harder time hiding in water sometimes, therefore we need to rebalance how all projectiles work when attacking submerged targets.

By the time TML rolls around in a match (Mid T2 Stage), almost all coms will have obtained some form of upgrade or vet.
So, you will almost always (95% of the time) need 3 TMLs to tac snipe a com, regardless of faction.
It is difficult to snipe a com with 2 TML unless they had some prior damage dealt to them causing their HP pool to drop below 12K HP.

So, in short, you will always need at least 3 TMLs to snipe a com.

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To add what FTX said, it would also totally murder all of the Nano upgrades, making them literally useless. Why even get them if they won't work in the scenario you want to use them.

Your right, let have all the acus have the same health, all tanks, all buildings, all ships......

If you can somehow achieve a tac snipe (which is extremely hard), cant you send 1 t2 bomber / t1 bomber to just drop one bomb? 99% of the time most ACUs have taken damage so it really shouldnt be an issue

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