Add upgrade t2 shields for aeon

Just curious, are the Aeon t2 shields meant to be unupgradable due to balance reasons or it's just some legacy part of the game that everyone get used to?

Just some random legacy "feature"

its legacy of the game bcs they balanced it and its an asymmetrical rts. different factions perform different on different maps in different phases of the game. we always have to look at the whole context of the faction. aeon got shielded t2 unit obsidian and a hover shield f e. also (i think it was mentioned) bigger shield =/= better. the aeon shield is a smaller hitbox in general, i cant do the math but you shouold look at the shield per squaremeter so to say 🍕

@tagada What about adding the feauture? I totally understand that you do not care about this in 1v1 games, however in late games when t3/t4 arty is firing it is very annoying that you can not upgrade it compared to uef, sera or cybran. Adding this will not change 1v1 games but will definetely help in team games where much is decident in a late game. Thanks!

ctrl+k shields which were killed, replace with them a new one, problem fixed. Since you're most likely talking about Gap you have 45903450 buildpower in your base anyway the moment t3/t4 arty shoots at you.

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the issues it its not as simple as it sounds as their is not proper upgrade animation for the T2 > T3 shield for the Aeon so that would been to be created first

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Im an Aeon Main, i dint think it should be changed. The Game ist meant top be asymetrical. Aeon have many Perls that other Factions dint have, and the t2 shield ist awesome. Its super cheap and sturdy. No Need to add an Upgrade Option.

i don't think it's the balance team that is responsible for giving the possibility to upgrade shields.
a quick sum up of why it is what it is, back in time, aeon used to have quite good shielding so there wasn't much trouble with t2/t3, but along the way, shields got reworked and nerfed but none bothered to change the the upgrade thing.
i also don't think it's a skill issue and it's just insanely bad design that you are not being able to upgrade the shield, not to mention that it's annoying that there is not a base whatsoever for it missing the upgrade.

P.S. Yeah, part of a problem is probably the lack of animation for the shield "growing" while being upgraded but it's fixable considering the gc animation

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Pretty sure the GC animation always existed in the game files it was just never implemented by gpg. Not the case for a shield animation.

As someone who plays 99% custom mapgen team games on random faction at the 1.2k+ level I have no issues with the shields as is. Very rarely do shields even make sense in a main base and that rare time where arty/novax are coming online they have typically been scouted already and bases are then shielded in time. Even more rarely they aren't scouted and then one player might lose his base but the others are able to get their shields up no problem. I have seen games won and lost going both ways in these rare scenarios but like I say in most of the games base shields are not worth building because they are not required.

It doesn't really matter if it isn't a problem. The change doesn't make Aeon shields OP, or stronger at all really. They have faction diversity in the form of having more compact shields that have more HP than other factions.

It's just annoying to have to kill shields and rebuild them when you need extra coverage. The pain for a casual user doesn't enable any sort of interesting gameplay at a higher level.

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Aeon t2 should be used in different circumstances than the t3 shield. It's low radius means you need to design the rest of the base around it, while other factions (with larger radiuses) can build more spread out. I think it could be an intentional design decision, and it's interesting to try and figure out what the thinking was behind it.

There is nothing we can do until someone makes an animation for the upgrade which is extremely hard since the two models have very little in common

Could just be lazy and make it an emanating ball of light as the animation.

The BrewLan Mod by Balthazar has the option to upgrade the Aeon T2 shield to the T3, including the animation for the upgrade. I'd love to see the T2 upgrade to T3 integrated into FAF, provided he's ok with it.