Supreme commander boardgame

@THE_ROCK_CS would you be able to share the files for 3d prints ?

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Mavor 2 small. =(

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

where's the 4 pgens?? 0/10

Fabulous. Are they full plastic or are they "empty" on the inside?

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That's so cool. I'm so freaking jealous.

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@auriko I think i just print them in different colors, for each team a color.

@rowey Yes all the models are in the internet, some i made myself and some are made by other people, go to and search for Supreme commander.

@yellownoob Yes you are right, but if i make it to scale its to big for a boardgame.

@brutus5000 The sides are about 2.5 mm and the inside is a grid, the small models are solid.

Let's see the rules!