Weekly Discussion #10 - Frequent noob mistakes


These are not noob mistakes but things that noobs have a hard time finding out, it took me like two years!

  1. You can boost your build range when assisting other units. So if for example your acu is building something, you can select nearby engineers and right click on the acu and you'll find that some of the engineers that should be out of range to immediately assist actually can. This can be a major time save especially in groups and buildings or factories can be assisted to completion much quicker. I do this constantly, every game.
  2. This bug/feature of attack deployment from the factory is a major boost to your economy and gives you a fast start on pretty much every map. Absolutely essential to use.

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@auriko make pgen > 5 mex > hydro, usually works well

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Some noob give aways:

  • only building one factory
  • PD wall
  • no scouting
  • attacking without vision
  • not playing the role they are supposed to have, or communicate about it
  • nickname = fiore (just kidding ;))
  • building armies of only one type of unit
  • not helping teammates even though their army is doing nothing
  • walking ACU in army/firebase

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Madness 1 - 9


  1. Stalling mass.
  2. Thinking that stalling mass is okay.

Trying to protect everything with PDs and AA buildings instead of just making units.


Playing vs me and expecting to win

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Joining a custom game and expecting to actually play.

Some of the ones that don't just uninstall the game after getting repeatedly kicked from most lobbies (even all welcome) go on to develop some sort of Stockholm syndrome and say things like "should I leave?" immediately after joining a game, maybe because they don't want to wait 10 minutes before getting yeeted and would like to know upfront.


@ftxcommando your reply is an interesting outlier in this thread. Most people mentioned things noobs do, while you only mentioned things noobs say. I was wondering, how often you play games with noobs in them ?


at least every 2nd game


playing astro or duel gap

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