Sometimes clicking near the bottom right takes me out of the game?

I run a dual monitor setup, with my primary 4k set at 1920x1080 full screen. (Desktop is at 4k on that monitor.) Randomly in game, if I click down near the lower right corner, either an action or selecting something to build, etc I get tossed to the desktop. I can tab back into the game, and for awhile it's safe to click in that region. If I'm paying attention I'll see that I don't get tooltips on icons in that area when it's acting up. If I don't click in the trouble area and instead alt-tab out and back I'm good to go for awhile longer in game. When I'm kicked out, or preemptively alt-tab out I'm not seeing any alerts/notifications/etc vying for my attention.

Anyone else run into this oddity?

Maybe there are client notifications there. U could tests turning them of your just put them top right instead... Could imagine that


This happens to me as well. I think it is as Axel says, there are notifications from other programs (or perhaps, from the OS itself) that appear in the bottom-right of the screen. I can't see them because Windows is letting SupCom have priority in terms of drawing on my screen, but Windows is still allowing me to click on them. Once Windows thinks I clicked on a notification, it pulls me out of the game, and I have to try to alt-tab or whatever to get SupCom open again on my screen.

It hasn't bothered me enough that I've even tried turning off notifications.

Client also issues notifications what about those? You could try turn them of


For me it was windows notifications. Very certain.

For me I had to disable OpenJDK from sending banner notifications, ICE was generating them on start and when a connection dropped. I still get the windows notification chime, but I'm not randomly clicking myself out of the game now.

I’m late to the party, but I have this exact issue too, about every third game lately while playing ladder. I’m pretty sure it’s not Windows notifications, no idea what it is. When it minimizes SupCom, I don’t see any notifications. Has anybody found the cause?

Discord notification block is invisible and take the whole right side of screen. Maybe it is, turn them off from settings in discord