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@ctrl-k hmmm, this with selecting a bunch of engies then attack moving into different places or in 1v1, select all bombers and being able to quickly click in 1-2 places would be really useful, looks super promising!

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is the ez reclaim mod broken ? cant make it work

@Raishini It works as intended.

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shall we use Specific Target Priorities made by 4z0t or advanced target priorities made by strogo ? or they are two diff kind of mobs ?

@Raishini specific target priorities is a self sufficient ui mod which may be a nice addition to advanced target priorities.

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@ctrl-k so what u mean its that it should be add into advanced target priorities mod ? i am looking to download one of those mods to see how good it is ..been away from FAF like for a year so taking again some games and getting update ...i used to use eco manager but it seems like nobody likes it anymore so i am trying to see which ones are good right now

Updated Additional Orders Extension:

  • you can now bind keys to some ACU and SACU enhancements
  • added keybind for OC / Repeat build

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"Unpack textures of the mod before using it."

Unpack them where?:)

Into mod folder obviously.

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Huh, gotta update all of that stuff. Unfortunately project died :Kappa:

My UI Mods

On team info share are nuke subs/battleship nukes going to get the same info that other nuke launchers and smd get, ie total nukes loaded and progress of loading them?