Is AMD ryzen 5 5600G good enough for this game

I am building a new PC and the only game I am interested to play is FAF. So please let me know if 5600g sufficient or do I need a separate graphics card.

@mr_blue You can sell 5600g and buy decent CPUs for the whole lobby to get beautiful game experience

It is sufficient.

Yeah it's more than enough to run the game without need for discreet GPU, though be advised that it's performance is gonna be anywhere between rx550 and gtx 1050 which go for less than 90$ in current market and will be even cheaper in upcoming days due to more GPU's flooding the market. As such another good option might be going for Intel I5 11400F + used GPU which will net you better performance, both CPU wise and GPU wise at similar price point.

My dude, it's a game from 2007 with some updates. I run it on this antique flawlessly.

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I use this CPU, you will get 110-127 in CPU and the game runs flawlessly

Game runs OK on recent-ish intel UHD graphics (last one i tested was Intel® UHD Graphics 620 on mobile chip)
also have tested ryzen 3 5300U with vega-something and game also did run ok.

But you may get low FPS in lategame if you put everythin on high OR enable many range rings
sometimes it is hard to say if it is gonna work well or not, sometimes FPS issues are caused by CPU, at least that should not be the issue for you.
Don't forget dual channel RAM 😄

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