Build orders for the May ladder pool


Grimplex and I have prepared something very interesting for the upcoming ladder sweatlords! We sat down and sandboxed buildorders for a selection of maps in the current ladder pool. We prepared cheat sheets for each of the BOs with replay Ids and images. The buildorders are aimed for people over 1300 ladder rating and tend to focus on one aggressive aspect. We suggest you watch the replay, sandbox the Bo once or twice and then use the cheat sheet to remember it. Currently we have prepared:

  • Arcane
  • Zeuthea valley
  • TAG_Craftious_Maximus
  • Bermuda Locket
  • Emerald Crater
  • Crossfire Canal
  • Cobalt Valley
  • Theta Passage
  • Loki


Feel free to experiment with the BOs, you will likely be able to find some improvements or develope a counter. Also feedback on the sheets is very welcome :).

Selection for the current Month:

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"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

BO's helped me get a job, find my first love and get my first erection in years ! ! !

The embodiment of depression...

After seeing this BO's I have cured my FAF depression and actually played some games today!

After learning proper build orders from this document my car insurance rate went down by 15%, my sleep disorder dissolved, and got a promotion at work!

I know its available in the replays, but it would be cool to have approx timings for each phase.

@relentless timings don't really help. In the Bo's no unit has any downtime. Your initial factory is your clock, #of engie is your time. The cheat sheet is mostly designed in the way that every engineer get long enough queues to finish the bo. So you only have to deals with every engi once. With some exceptions ofc.

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@bangernoob Ah yea fair call. I was seeing if I could get an AI to replicate some of the BO on Arcane and trying to work out at what point its considered a failed BO due to how long it took to get from phase 1 to expansion or scaling phase because of deviation.

@relentless ah I see, I just tested the arcane Bo with javi and it is very hard to perform. At least as a human bc the margins are very tight and a lot of stuff hast to be queued in a short timeframe. I would be interested if an AI is able to perform a bo on that level consistently.

sandbox mapgen if u can! 🖕

one day I will find the supreme commander

Tex takes issue with some of these builds. Tex believes solid fundamentals are more important. Tex treats every map like a mapgen map. But Tex also loses to epic tagada builds. Tex lashes out against people trying to do good with a nice forum post.

the only map I know is Bermuda what can go wrong with 10 pgens second bomber will be trying these out! Keepo.

Fellow sweatlords, @Meltdown and I have started to create some BOs for this pool as well here is the collection that works for Month June:


@m0rph3u5 Agreed, need the pro duo to make more BOs to farm

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