Would it be good to make sparky significantly cheaper and significantly less bp so that it could become a cheap source of jammer on land?
There was a post of ftx about sparkys:
Buffing sparkies was hated for sure so what if we give it additional purpose as a buff
Arguments for this change:
1 nobody uses sparkies for their purpose
2 t2 engies are more efficient as masswise and also able to make radars and facs unlike sparky
3 would be solve another problem of @zwaffelNoob in the post
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before you say they would completely ruin snipers i will answer that it will make player micro snipers as to manually select targets.
As a sera you could make an omni sacu to counter it or place a lot of selens or you are forced to micro snipers.
As an aeon you would have to use Eye of Rhianne if not an option then you are forced to micro snipers.
But facing as a cybran against uef would become trickier or much more balanced as i heard alot of people whining about stealth abuse late in a game when perci vs brick fight occurs.

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This would even make the t3 stage much more intresting to play.
But also could completely ruin sniperplays on a large scale maps.

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That last comment,.. “ruin sniper plays” got FtX really hard, buff UEF and ruin sniper play, it’s his wet dream

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It's an interesting solution that I wouldn't mind testing in a beta or something. I don't think it ruins sniper plays or becomes OP just because it happens at t3 stage where the relative cost of a constant scout stream is quite small. The main issue is how this impacts early t2 cheese you could possibly do with sparky, if it was cheap like this it would also at least justify the terrible building suite the unit has.

Jamming has never fooled a single competent player, you’re right that only units with extremely low rate of fire like sniper bots would have trouble firing at false radar signatures

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

@zeldafanboy i disagree with you. Jammer was never able 2 fool only because this game never properly utilised jammer. Jammer is almost as efficient as stealth.

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Jamming is very useful on units intended to be spammed ie uef frigate.

only bad thing that it nerfs sparky drops

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May be instead of buffing Sparkies, it would be possible to buff jamming mechanic in a first place? It is not that hard to target an initial unit once you scout it. Fakes won't help you out once that happened.

My suggestion: enable stealth for 1 second once in 5/10/20/30/ect seconds to hide the actual unit and refresh fakes.

Also some of the UEF units could use Jamming mechanic on them instead of making Sparky a "dedicated" jamming unit.

i tried using sparkies for their jamming and fast reclaim during t3 / early t4 stage
biggest sadface was realizing they don't get selected with drag select. I think it would be neat to have them slightly changed to work as anti-sniper army escorts, maybe the jamming range made a bit larger and their selection behavior changed to that of regular units? I know it's inconsistent with other build power units but would this change really hurt their other uses? Besides, they have a gun, let me use them as tanks pls 🙂