Unit Creation Tourney #1 (October of 2020)

I'm submitting my 'MobileCloakingBomb' mod to the tourney!


Inferno Bug: T3 Mobile Cloaking Bomb
Can render itself invisible when stationary. Carries an extremely effective proton bomb.

i got bad news for you

.... Looks at the T2 Beetle ....

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No worries. It works differently than the T2 one. It has no radar blip when it's cloaked but can only do so if it's not moving.

Edit: I didn't want to go overboard with my first mod so I tried smthn relatively simple^^

UEF Mobile Tactical Missile Defence: Trickshot

High command noticed an unfilled defensive niche in the mobile forces, and filled it the easy way; with one of those R2D2-looking Phalanx weapons on an apropriately re-sized APC body. Traditionally such a Phalanx not at sea is called a Centurion, but we'll keep quiet about that part.

Referred to as "Trickshot" by "the boys" due to it's ability seemingly effortlessly track and shoot missiles on the go; a feature it was literally designed for, it keeps its weapon stowed when not in use.

20201103121116_1.jpg 20201103122203_1.jpg

Hey boys, it just turned to the 19th.
This means you now have 22 hours remaining to submit the mod here if you wish to compete.
Thank you to all the people who have submitted thus far.

Sadly due to studying and things I didn't have the time in the end 😞 .

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might the winning unit be added to the game?

Verry unlikly they will be added in to Base faf due to the nature on how much people hate that t3 Mobile Sam's were added

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

@Munt said in Unit Creation Tourney #1 (October of 2020):

might the winning unit be added to the game?


Attention Aeon Commanders!
This memorandum summarizes the newest addition to our quantum compatible unit database:
The Shaman mk 1
The shaman is a bot that amplifies the power of shields in it's radius. Utilizing mass vapor recombination, regeneration of shields in proximity is increased 1.5x, and advanced pulse ignition removes the delay in regeneration. Though they are expensive, they are a true force multiplier.
Shaman are right at home in any advanced unit composition, enhancing sortie durability.
With widespread deployment of our superior shield technology, the Shaman can also extend the operational life of more primitive forces already fielded, immediately boosting combat effectiveness with a single deployment.


Unit is available on the vault in the mod "KtQ Unit Shaman"
I had wanted to do more, but it was just not in the cards... or allotted time. Apparently there wasn't a shield regen buff built in, so that took a lot of my umph. I had also wanted to give it a chrono-damper suicide option (that costs power), since we so rarely see that ability.

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Submits are closed. Results will appear in the next few days

Good luck to my fellow competitors may the best unit win and the rest be blown to pieces

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru

@Balthazar I am playing with all the units, and i cant figure out how to get yours to deploy. Any tips?

EDIT: Got it, it works, just isnt animating the turret coming up. Good work dude!

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

tested the unit but doesn't seem to do anything to shields. No faster regeneration when they are hit.

@Krapougnak Did you test mobile shields? Or stationary ones? I primarily tested it with the t2 aeon mobile shield, which has something like a 3 second delay before it starts to regen. It's also VERY apparent with the obsidian, which goes from a regen of 2 to 13 (a 6.5x increase).

And there is a problem getting the displayed regeneration rate updated, so you won't be able to simply look at that. Whatever callback flushes it with the normal buff system i could not find when I made it, as there was not buff for shield regen like there was for HP regen (like the Sera com aura uses).

In double checking this I have found another bug though. Buffed units stay buffed when the shaman is killed. Not good. I'll need to add in an OnDeath callback should I try to develop this further.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

(please don't update your mods after the submissions close)

I tested it with the Aeon T3 harbinger. I will test again with the units you mention.

Edit: tested with Obsidian and Aeon mobile shield. No effect at all. Is it just me ? Other testers ?

@Krapougnak How are you testing? Did you leave any UI mods on? I just double checked after disabling all my UI mods.

And to reiterate, the displayed regeneration rate will stay at it's default, so to see it working you will need to damage the shield and watch it's regeneration.

A quick video of my test. The radar range on the shaman is the buff radius.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

Hi thanks for the video, very explicit.
I tested the shaman without any other mods activated on my retail version of the game and on FAF. I switched the shields off and on and compared those within the range to those autside. I also made some enemy AI units fire at the shields till depletion.

No effect at all all the shields regenerate at the same speed for me.

I think another tester is needed, this unit doesn't seem to work for me.

A pity I liked the concept and the model.