How do you ground fire TML

Probably something obvious I've missed but I'm trying to investigate launching a TML across the map to hit wreckage (for example to deny it to the enemy) and can't ground fire the TML...?

Put it on hold fire,ground fire a x placement,change the attack order via shift on the top of wrackage,cancel hold fire

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

Yes, and you can do the same thing without hold fire if the TML is not yet loaded

What’s the cost of one TML missile, by the way?

Last I checked it was around 180 I think.

There is a UI mod by Strogo, it prevents start bombers and nukes and maybe something else from snapping to the things so you can easy groundfire between things.

you can modify the mod
open this file Mods\RUI\hook\lua\ui\game\commandmode.lua

14th row change from:
local selectTolerance = {RULEUCC_Attack = true, RULEUCC_Nuke = true}
local selectTolerance = {RULEUCC_Attack = true, RULEUCC_Nuke = true, RULEUCC_Tactical = true}

Edit: mod name random UI improvements

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