Total Mayhem 1.37 for all game versions


Hi all I'm having a little problem playing with the Total Mayhem mod through the FAF client, all new units have the place holder icon, meanwhile if I launch the game from Steam everything works as it should. I'd like to play with friends after a long time and I'd rather solve things ahead if by chance the steam connection doesn't work. I can provide more information or a log of the game or another log if that would help. Without the icons it's harder to navigate through new units and since via the FAF client the units are also messed up so it can't be played by memory. Thank you in advance


Hello Dekker254 ,

i added a icon support to the Total Mayhem mod and it should insert its own icons when playing on steam.

If played on FAF then FAF does include the icons to the game.
This can be disrupted when using the Black Ops Icon Support Mod along with FAF.

in case you are using Black Ops Icon Support mod, please disable it when you play FAF.

If not, please post a game.log (use and only post the link)


I have Black Ops Icon Support Mod but if I start the game via FAF it is not active and cannot be activated. Is it possible that it's just because I have it in my mods folder?
Here's a link to the pastebin, hopefully it's good. I've never used pastebin before


and if I may express my humble opinion, I found the previous version of Ex-Catalys more intimidating and fitting to the name of super heavy point defence


then I tried one game when I had only total mayhem active and there was no problem with the icons, it seems to happen only when Blackops FAF is also active


@dekker254 I regularly play with Blackops:Unleashed, Blackops:ACUs, and TotalMayhem, and never have any issue with icons.
Not to mention that no other supporting mod is neccesarry.

As for ExCatalyst, you are not taking its range into account, which is extreme. If anything, it scould cost MORE, for what it gives.



i viewed your log and saw that the game is not able to load some textures, not sure why.

There was an error int the map script file: survival_campaign_v1_blackbox_8_script.lua
Please use a different (normal) map for testing.

Also what was changed to the Ex-Catalys "brnt3shpd" (Super Heavy Point Defense) ?
i never touched this unit !?!


It says I need AI uveso for the mod to prevent errors. I use the steam vanilla version with this mod but AI uveso says its only for FAF. Kinda confusing if Total Mayhem says its compatible with all versions, but at the top then says it requires AI uveso which is only compatible with FAF. Do I need AI uveso for the steam version or does it only apply to the FAF version?



That's easy to explain, I screwed it up.

Total mayhem requires the AI ​​Uveso Mod to be installed as I accidentally used a platoon former only available in AI-Uveso.
Without the mod you will get some error in the log related to this former.
This is not gamebraking but can cause lag because of the error spam.

The next update of Total Mayhem will fix that dependency.

For now, just ignore the errors.


Oh thats alright was just wondering since it was confusing haha! Will look forward to the update!