Show amount of players in-game in the "TMM play" tab.


As in title, would it be possible to have the amount of players in-game for each Q showed?
Cuz as it currently stands I find it hard to judge if the Q is actually alive and players are simply in-game or if the Q is dead and I'm gonna waste 1.5h again just for one 15 minute shitfest even though there is 1.6k people online which.
Something like that.

It would also be good to track this info so we could get statistics about average wait times depending on how many people are actively in-game.

E.g. if 16 people are currently playing a 4v4, is the wait time for the next game likely to be less than if 0 people are currently playing a 4v4? If 38 people are currently in active 4v4 games, is that wait time for the next game likely to be less? Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't matter. Either way, it would be good to know. And the only way to find out is if we measure/track that info.

That info is tracked. Average wait and game time is known.