Experimentals Wars 1.87 for gameversion 3652+(FAF)

This is Experimentals Wars version 1.87 for Supreme Commander game version (FAF)1.5.3652+
Not compatible with Mod: XtremeWars!

Experimentals Wars (3652) v1.87
DownloadSize: 48 MB, Unpacked: 141 MB

Special Thanks to:

Author: asdrubaelvect
Models: asdrubaelvect
Coding: Manimal

How to install:

Unrar the archive.

Copy the "ExpWars_1" folder from inside the Mods directory to:

C:\...User...\My Games\Gas Powered games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Mods\

This Mod modifies or adds the following 14 buildings, 25 Units and 7 Experimentals to the game:
Not listed: All tech 1 land mobile units have veterancy upgrades.

UEF Buildings:
UEF - TECH1 - LAND : Light Parashield - (Light Shield Generator)
UEF - TECH1 - LAND : Tech 1 Air Staging Facility - (Air Staging Facility)
UEF - TECH2 - LAND : Triad - (Point Defense)
UEF - TECH2 - LAND : The Eradicator - (Heavy Orbital Defence)

UEF Units build by factory:
UEF - TECH1 - LAND : SD-MA12 Bunker - ( Deployable Medium Tank)
UEF - TECH2 - LAND : Morter Tank - (Morter Tank)
UEF - TECH2 - AIR : AS-U 010 Protector - (Support Bomber)
UEF - TECH3 - AIR : Tornado - (Fighter/Bomber)

UEF Experimentals:
UEF - TECH1 - LAND : SmallBoy - (Heavy Mobile Fortress Experimental)
UEF - TECH1 - AIR : EFOF Cleaner - (Tech1 Experimental Spaceship)
UEF - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Fatboy - (Experimental Mobile Factory)
UEF - EXPERIMENTAL - AIR : EFOF Transport - (Transport)
UEF - EXPERIMENTAL - AIR : EFOF Infallible - (Spaceships)

CYBRAN Buildings:
CYBRAN - TECH1 - LAND : Shaker - (Tech 1 Air Staging Facility)
CYBRAN - TECH2 - LAND : Phlegyas - (Heavy Orbital Defence)
CYBRAN - TECH3 - LAND : Eclispe - (Heavy Stealth Field Generator)
CYBRAN - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Experimentale Heavy Nuke Denfense - (Anti Nuke Experimental)

CYBRAN Units build by factory:
CYBRAN - TECH1 - LAND : The Turtle - (Amphibious Heavy Tank)
CYBRAN - TECH2 - AIR : Support Bomber - (Support Bomber)
CYBRAN - TECH2 - AIR : The Hawk - (EMP Bomber)
CYBRAN - TECH3 - LAND : Tech 3 Missile Bot - (Tech 3 Missile Bot)

CYBRAN Experimentals:
CYBRAN - TECH1 - LAND : Albatros - (Heavy Experimentale Missile Launcher Bot)
CYBRAN - TECH1 - AIR : The Land Shadow - (Experimental Tech1 Spaceship)
CYBRAN - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Megalith - (Experimental Megabot)
CYBRAN - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Monkeylord - (Experimental Spiderbot)

AEON Buildings:
AEON - TECH1 - LAND : Tech 1 Air Staging Facility - (Air Staging Facility)
AEON - TECH2 - LAND : The Missionary - (Heavy Orbital Defence)
AEON - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Heavy Experimental Defense Installation - (Heavy Experimental Defense Installation )

AEON Units build by factory:
AEON - TECH1 - LAND : The Renaissance - (Mobile Air Staging Platform )
AEON - TECH2 - LAND : Ouaip - (Mobile Torpedo Launcher)
AEON - TECH3 - LAND : Gerridae - (Heavy Hover Tank)
AEON - TECH3 - LAND : EMP Missile Launcher - (EMP Missile Launcher)
AEON - TECH3 - NAVAL : Submarine Battleship - (Submarine Battleship)

AEON Experimentals:
AEON - TECH1 - LAND : Hover Tank Experimental tech 1 - (Hover Tank Experimental tech 1)
AEON - TECH1 - AIR : The Falling Star - (Experimental Tech1 Spaceship)
AEON - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Galactic Colossus - (Experimental Assault Bot)

SERAPHIM Buildings:
SERAPHIM - TECH1 - LAND : Mini-Iathu-uhthe - (Air Staging Beacon)
SERAPHIM - TECH2 - LAND : The Tlatoanum - (Heavy Orbital Defence)
SERAPHIM - TECH3 - LAND : Heavy Point Defense - (Heavy Point Defense)

SERAPHIM Units build by factory:
SERAPHIM - TECH1 - LAND : Ehuhua - (Mobile Shield Generator)
SERAPHIM - TECH2 - LAND : Ohiescebom - (Mobile Anti-Subs Launcher)
SERAPHIM - TECH3 - LAND : Mobile Nuke Laucnher - (Mobile Nuke Laucnher)
SERAPHIM - TECH3 - AIR : Virutola - (Gunship)

SERAPHIM Experimentals:
SERAPHIM - TECH1 - LAND : Axe - (Experimental Assault Bot)
SERAPHIM - TECH1 - AIR : The Tlacuconos - (Experimental Tech1 Spaceship)
SERAPHIM - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Ythotha - (Experimental Assault Bot)

Special / Unsorted:
Aeon Cliper - (Support Armored Command Unit)
Cybran Ringer - (Assault Armored Command Unit)
Seraphim Cube - (Support Armored Command Unit)
Cybran - (Crab Egg (Flak))

Update 28.Dec.2017 (v1.87)
-Fixed version check for steam games.

Update 02.Jul.2017 (v1.86)
-Fixed wrong local "hasHEBIII" on several units
-Added/adjust DeathImpact Weapon on several units.

Update 29.Jun.2016 (v1.85)
-Renamed Mod Folder from "SoftLastAsdruMod" to "ExpWars_1"
-Updated uiutil.lua, gamecommon.lua, unitview.lua and addded new "MyUnitIdTable".
-Removed BUILTBYTIER4COMMANDER from all unit categories. (Not needed with the new Black Ops Version)
-Fixed General.SelectionPriority on all units.
-Fixed Display.Abilities on all units. (Info inside unit Tooltip)

Update 11.Mar.2016 (v1.84)
-Changed LODCutoff from all spaceships to 700 (highest layer)
-Changed LODCutoff from all air experimentals to 600
-Changed LODCutoff from all Land experimentals to 500 (same LOD as factories)
-Changed SortCategorie on Unit: ual5001, xsl0310, uea0110, ura0110
-Unit XSBSE0001 renamed to XSBSE2001 (make it compatible to orbital wars)
-Removed unused locals from Units:
XRL0404, UEL0108, AS0103, UEO1103, AS0202, UAL0401, XSO1104, UAB2302, XSL0401,
XSB2306, URO2001, URL0402, UAL0301, XSL0301, URL0301, XSB5201, URLEW0001

Unit upgrade of this mod is very cool. It also overwrites ACUs but do not give them powerful upgrades. So I want a version just modificate unit but not ACUs so that I can use ACU upgrade from Black OPs. Or can you teach me how to delete those codes related with ACUs? thanks!
Extreme Wars just give me units with full upgrades but I want to see my unit upgrading in battles so that mod cant meet me.

And Im steam version, forgot to say


i will take a look at this weekend how the ACU upgrade was implemented and if we can
disable it in case the black ops mod is found.

Thank you very much!!!!


well i checked the ACU upgrade function, but the Experimetal Wars version here (v1.87) has no change in ACU enhancements
and works well with Black Ops.

This version (v1.87) is based on the original version V1.8 and i guess you are playing version 2.8.3 ?
As far as i can remember, Experimental Wars V2.8.2 (one version earlier) has no commander upgrade change.
So V2.8.2 could work with Black Ops.

Sorry that i can't help more.

Test: ExpWars 1.87 and Black Ops:

Thank you first. But I use Exp Wars 2.8.2 from MODDB.com, it has ACU changes and cant work with Black OPs.
May be you can pass your version to me?

And I only see 2.8.2 and 2.8.1 version here, even do not heard 2.8.3 ever.

The version Uveso uses is likely from the vault.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


i saw a message about the 2.8.3 version here:

you can download my old version from the first post, see ExperimentalWars(3652)-v1.87.rar
but this version is way less advanced than the 2.8.2 version.
(That's why I never ported the 2.8.2 version to FAF, it's too complex to adapt.)

Ah thanks for your help, but the 2.8.3 is just a saying, no pushed our version,ill try the 1.87. But im 1.6.6(steam) version, i do not know wether there will be some compatible problems.


well i guess the ExperimentalWars(3652)-v1.87.rar version needs at least game version (FAF) 1.5.3652
Have in mind that 1.5.3652 has way more patches than steam 1.7.
(FAF got over 1500 gamepatches over the years)

You can see the game version and compatibility here:

These are the mods that are compatible to steam:

Ninja Reclaim Drones
Nuclear Repulsor Shields
Orbital Wars
Quantum Resource Generators
Smart Tactical Missiles
Total Mayhem
Wyvern Battle Pack

yes I know that, but my collection has some old mod that do not come to FAF version, just support 3603 and 1.6.6. So I have to insist 1.6.6.

Yes i understand that and i don't try to lure you to FAF 🙂

I always try to make the maintained mods and my own mods compatible to steam.
This works well for unit-only mods. But when mods like experimental wars override game
functions to add something, then it's hard to code for both versions of the game.

thank you for your contribution to such an old game, but we all like it that is enough. thank you again!

I dont know if this is an error or not but for some reason when the mod is enabled majority of the turrets when built all start pointing upwards? not sure why is there a way to fix this?