Setons Wars Tournament

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I have a few questions/suggestions. First since there is already 30 sign ups can we do drafts a week or so in advance so that we can practice as teams for a while? Also can exact rating be enforced for captains? For example moon is higher rated than exselsior but he is lower on the list since he rounded.

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@spikeynoob The exact ratings will definitely be used before the draw. I was surprised that we would have so many applicants. I am very happy and think that under these conditions we will have no problem do drafts one week early. Thank you for the offer.

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@pryanichek Awesome thanks!

@Pryanichek if you get enough sign ups, would you consider dividing the tournament into different tiers. E.g. tourny for 1600+ and below 1600?

@earlydoors If we will have enough players yes. Why not

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Conorach (1500ish)

Signing up Turinturambar, 4762 (CPU) rating!

Forumpros doing balance .
When a canis player remembers to build more than 3 units .

JT_ 1500

JT is capping he is 3k on air

@turinturambar I think the other teams will capitulate before game even start xD

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Thanks to a $204.20 from someone who goes by Mizer, the total prize pool is now $314.20! Thanks to him, there is a prize for 3rd place and 2 additional prizes that will make our tournament even more memorable!

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+1 for team picks not in last day, and guess need cap for balance.
Something like average_rating*1.2

A captain picking process already naturally balances the tournament.

It looks like we might get enough players.
What is the count up to currently?

First we will be best, then we will be first.
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