Setons Wars Tournament


Hello and welcome to The Setons Wars Tournament that will determine the best team in the seton

Date: 9 of April
Start Time: 14:00 UTC
Chat: /join #swt
Tournament Directors: Pryanichek
Official broadcast of the tournament (eng) (eng) - Syndicus (ru) -ZLO (ru) - Lenkin (eng) - Yudi

Prize Pool:

$544.20 Total

1st - $220 - Seton Champion avatar or classic King of Seton clutch avatar (avatar to choose from for all players on the 1st place team)
2nd - $140 - Seton Fighter avatar or classic Prince of Seton clutch avatar (avatar for all players on 2nd placed team)
3rd - $100 - Faction Icon Avatar (avatar for all players on the 3rd place team)

Special Prizes:
$40 for best come back (for team) - decided by the TD. If there will be a broadcast on FAF live, the decision will be made by the viewers by voting
$24.20 for Mizer meme (individual prize) - decided by the TD. If there will be a broadcast on FAF live, the decision will be made by the viewers by voting
$20 - secret prize (individual prize). Will be given for the achievement (conditions of the achievement will remain secret until the end of the tournament, so that it does not affect the gameplay)

Donated by:
$204.20 - Mizer
$120 - Exselsior
€100 - Pryanichek
£50 - EarlyDoors
$50 - Moonrider

Tournament Format
It will be a 4v4 tournament with captains. The top 8 players with the highest ratings signed up become captains. And take turns recruiting a team (the player with the lowest rating from among the captains chooses first)

This tournament aims for a maximum of 8 teams. To determine which team picks the slots first, the captains do !roll in aeolus. Highest roll picks side and slots first. This will be a double elimination tournament, all rounds are BO1, except for the top bracket semifinals and finals they will be BO3. If there are less than 8 teams, then a Robin round will be held between 5 teams (each team plays every other team once). All standard tournament rules apply (read here Settings: Full-share enabled, Unit cap - 1500, draws are replayed, games are ranked, no faction veto is used

Additional rule! No player can play 2 games in a row on the same slot. Slots must change. The control is carried out by the TD or his assistant.

Map: Setons Clutch (non mirrored version)

If you have a desire to increase the prize pool. Contact Skrat#4810 on the official FAF Discord

Signups up close 2 of April so that the teams have the opportunity to practice. 14.00 UTC 2 of April captains will have to enter a specific discord channel and choose their teams. The non-selected players will be in the reserve and will be very important in the event of a no-show of any of the players (which happens in every tournament).

Draft results:

Снимок экрана (883).png

When signing up, please state:
-Nickname, Current rating (using global rating)

Sign up by posting below

  1. Haachamachama 2401
  2. ZLO 2094
  3. ShadySocks 2026
  4. archsimkat 2005
  5. CheeseBerry 1993
  6. Specularii 1988
  7. Man_on_the_Moon 1952
  8. NoOneCares 1951
  9. Shen 1944
  10. Exselsior 1886
  11. TechHouseNoob 1858
  12. PhantomSamurai 1818
  13. EspiranTo- 1817
  14. Yew 1804
  15. Unknow 1803
  16. Cast_Away 1792
  17. WoundedElkNoob 1777
  18. Swatoslav 1750
  19. WillyWankerNoob 1744
  20. RandomWheelchair 1726
  21. Crusher12321 1709
  22. J0hn 1684
  23. CP1 1650
  24. Cascade 1610
  25. SpikeyNoob 1556
  26. butch3r 1550
  27. Gilobot 1548
  28. JACKFFFF 1547
  29. Doni- 1546
  30. demonstreamer666 1530
  31. Riot- 1522
  32. Emperor_Penguin 1520
  33. Conorach 1519
  34. JT_ 1514
  35. Koiskix 1491
  36. OldPoet 1465
  37. Maro 1418
  38. Akeno__ 1434
  39. Zigster 1403
  40. EarlyDoors 1396
  41. PMBMize 1382
  42. fedorafreak 1381
  43. Crypteck 1369
  44. jukeboxhero 1334
  45. Syndicus 1330
  46. Mr_Blastman 1322
  47. LordSetonsClutch 1285
  48. hav 1283
  49. Raptorjesus 1272
  50. BomBhard 1223
  51. DEVOTION 1190
  52. Karateka 1143
  53. Aurand 1132
  54. H-o-l-a 939
  55. Varvara 726

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Signup! SpikeyNoob 1500

sign up 2300

Sign up 1927

I have no idea if this a 2v2, 3v3, or a 4v4 tournament.

Oh right Pryanichek aren't you in Russia? How do you plan to get the prize pool distributed to the winners?

Signup! vena202020 2100

Its 1v1?xD

This post is deleted!

@ftxcommando 4v4. I will add a description

Sorry for my English. I use translator

@archsimkat I have access to my European bank card. Like last time, I will transfer the Brutus prize pool. And he will help distribute it among other players. With players from Russia, I will look for other options

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@neytron 4v4

Sorry for my English. I use translator

@vena202020 I know your rating xD

Sorry for my English. I use translator

Gl filling up at least 4 teams

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

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@yellownoob yea, 2 team max mb

demonstreamer666 in 1500

Singing up NoOneCares 1889 rating

Ras Boi's save lives.

Sign me up Harzer 1856