AI-Uveso (v108) - AI mod for FAForever


Update 31.Jul.2022(v103)

  • Fix: unit no longer ignore walls. (they will destroy walls now)
  • Fix: nuke distance to target was calculated by platoon center position, not launcher position.
  • Fix: artillery targets were accidentally sorted by satellite sort function
  • Opt: nuke "Jericho attack" now uses all launchers for an attack (was only 1 launcher per target)
  • DEV: removed platoon function "IsTargetNukeProtected", it's now calculated from the targetmanager.
  • DEV: PLatoonNameDebug does no longer start the LocationRangeManager for other AIs

v104 (01.Aug.2022)

  • Fix: naval expansion builder checks now for map water ration > 20%
  • Fix: unreachable mass spots will now be blacklisted in AIExecuteBuildStructure()
  • Fix: abuse report for reclaiming ally buildings is now restricted to AI-Uveso only.
  • Fix: in some cases waypoints were created when a map has DoNotAllowMarkerGenerator = true
  • Opt: moved AI debug options to the end of the lobby option list
  • Opt: Rush sub AI: decreased mass extractor upgrades by 5%
  • Opt: Rush sub AI: AI will no longer pause factory upgrades on low energy/mass
  • DEV: IsNavalExpansionsAllowed() now checks for water ratio and expansion count
  • DEV: EngineerMoveWithSafePath() now only call for transport if transporter actual exist

Update 06.Sep.2022(v105)

  • Fix: updated AI Fn OnDefeat() to match latest FAF version
  • Opt: decreased energy need for 9 unit SACU teleport platoon from 120000 to 90000
  • DEV: Fn GetDangerZoneRadii() will use ScenarioInfo.size in case playableArea is not present

Update 05.Oct.2022(v107)

  • New: completely new marker generator - every movement layer is now created independently
  • New: added movement layer for hover units (was using amphibious layer before).
  • Del: removed lobby option for AI waypoint genertor. (it's now always on)
  • Fix: fixed a bug that could cause the nuke function to error out after a launcher died
  • Opt: minor improvement in EconomyBuildConditions calculation speed
  • Opt: removes special pathing for engineers (pathing without heuristic search)
  • Opt: check for mass spots are now based on playerarea instead of map size
  • DEV: Fn OnDefeat() now first checks for the existence of a manager before trying to delete it
  • DEV: changed check for defeat to aiBrain.Status ~= "Defeat"
  • DEV: pathing debug will now display expansions first (from game second 5 to 10)

The new marker generator is ported from the Sanctuary-RTS game i am working on.
With the kind permission and support of Enhearten Media


I'm having an issue since yesterday's update where the AI is not building mass extractors, or acting properly in general. Tried both an AIx adaptive and AIx overwhelm, on two maps with markers that worked before. Also with and without mods. Any ideas?


@gheed It needs a quick hotfix, I'm sure Uveso will upload once he's available.


@gheed said in AI-Uveso (v107) - AI mod for FAForever:

I'm having an issue since yesterday's update where the AI is not building mass extractors, or acting properly in general. Tried both an AIx adaptive and AIx overwhelm, on two maps with markers that worked before. Also with and without mods. Any ideas?

I was using code that is only available at the FAF Develop game.
So if you start the FAF develop game version then it would work.

Will be fixed today.

Thanks for reporting it!


Update 07.Oct.2022(v108)

  • Fix: fixed a bug in EconomyBuildConditions. (Mod was build for FAF develop version)
  • Fix: fixed pathing to evade cliffs / hills or cluttered areas.
  • Fix: sub AI Experimentals was not building defense tanks if enemy is close to base
  • Opt: refactored marker generator.
  • Opt: pathing debug view is now using the internal markers, not the FAF PathGraphs
  • DEV: added 3rd impassability value for markers that are neighbors to already flaged markers
  • DEV: new commands for marker generator: GetLandExpansions(), GetNavalExpansions()

Hi There,
Thanks for the great MOD it given me a some great games. i am unfortunatly seem to be find some issue of late:

  1. The AI not build SMD before (well stop building it before it is finished)
  2. Not knowning how to use transports (it used to really surprize me)
  3. Doesn't know how to get to Mex requiring transport (it used too)
  4. I have had a AI lanch a nuke at itself when a support com tele into its base.
  5. Gunship after Gunship passed the 40mins mark (seems to run out of ideas)
    This is the only MOD i use so i don't think i have meesed it up, please feel free to say if i need somthing else to ensure the AI return to its once great self.
    Thank you.


Thank you for your feedback!

  1. When the Ai starts to build something and stopped it later, then this is mostly because of low eco
    i will take a look at the ecomanager and check if the issue is caused there.

  2. Right. My AI is using the original transport function. Its mostly wasting transports by flying into SAMs
    This needs some rework of the transport function in general.

  3. not knowing how to reach a mex on a hill or island is caused by not having a transport ready.
    The engineer will ignore the missing transport and try to get the mex on its own until a transport is available.
    Can also be caused by a missing waypoint marker that needed to be present near the Mex.

  4. That should not happen. The Nuke Target function looks for friendly buildings and shouldn't
    fire at more than 3 own Tech2/3 buildings.

  5. Well thats right. I only play the game with mods, so the AI is using those gunshipts to destroy experimental shields.
    I have to change that anyway because eg. Seraphim has no T3 gunships.

I highly recommend testing other AIs we have for Supom like RNGAI or M27AI.
They are not focussed on turtle play and are much more challenging.

Again thanks for your feedback, i have written everything down to my ToDo list and will check it!


Has anyone noticed that the civilians won't attack the Uveso AI? I think this is new behavior though I don't know what may have caused it.


I have seen this but I never correlated it to Uveso being present or not. There's nothing in his code that plays with civilians.
When I saw it happen I saw that the PD's attacked one player but not another. I'll have to try it with a few variations of different AI and see if having Uveso enabled makes it happen or not.