Matchmaker Pool Feedback Thread


i can attest to not being able to easily tell moonlight swamps had a lake in the center, i know its kind of in the name but it doesnt look like one.

has there been any conversation about a veto system? i know there are maps in every pool that people dislike. cant avoid them forever but i think a properly implemented system would help mix up the variety a bit, especially in 4v4 where the <500 rating maps are more likely to be selected in the 0-1000 brackets.

sidenote; i didnt see pina coladas in the june 4v4 map pool post, but when i logged in and looked at the map pool it was there. was kind of annoying when i was hoping that map would be pulled this month. im sure its a great map with plenty of options at higher ratings, but <1000 its nightmare.

thank you to the matchmaking team, i deeply appreciate the efforts made into making this all work. been enjoying learning a game i never bothered to learn. just wish it was more populated so us americans didnt have to be up so early for some TMM games. looking forward to future adjustments.


Been conversations about vetos since 2014. Pina Coladas is trash at high level, I thought it was there for new players 4head.


hopefully vetos can find its way in at some point. i cant fucking stand pina coladas as an ~800 4v4 player.


In the 2v2 pool, Therum is way too dark to see.

I've enjoyed 5v5 Pina Coladas but 4v4 is horrible. If the opposing team's player knows how to play when he doesn't have an opponent in his channel, and your team's player doesn't, the game's over at the start.

Edit: Phenom Spartiate is imbalanced with the mexes. There is one mex that is not placed symmetrically (might be more, but this one can be noticed right away).
Left, just above the line of water, vs right, just below the line of water. The one on the right side is placed closer to the water and can't be built because the hill is too steep.

Overall, Phenom Spartitate is not symmetrical in the textures, so it's very difficult to judge if the mexes are placed symmetrically, but I've got the impression they're bad.

(The mex icons are also not aligned to the build grid, but this is just visual)


@plasma_wolf Thank you for your feedback. I kinda forced therum into the pool despite some voices in the team pointing out it is too dark. I did not want to neglect this artstyle completely but I guess many peole dislike dark maps. Not completely sold to not include them at all anymore but the counter evidence is piling.

I didn't know phenom was asymmetrical despite playing more then 20 games on it. I would assume that it is not game deciding.


I'd put Phenom in the category of game-breaking because of the mex that can't be built. It's mirror on the other side of the map can be built. Other than that, the asymmetry is not noticeable until you take a careful look at it. So the only things that need to be done is to relocate the mex that can't be built, and align the mex icons to the grid.

As for Therum, maybe some trick in the lighting settings could change it. Other than that, a change in the map textures should do it. With more visible terrain, the map can definitely work (both as 2v2 and 4v4). Depends on if the map author is willing to do this (if they're still around).


You guys gave me a cold sweat about the tourney map pool. I have no problems building every mex on phenom?



Sorry, I haven't checked this for a while. Which version of Phenom do you have? The current version in the map pool for 4v4 doesn't allow this mex to be built:

Phenom Spartiate v3 mex unbuildable.png

This map is 'Phenom Spartiate', marked as v3, has this unbuildable mex, along with all the misaligned icons that make it annoying.

The other map is 'Phenom Spartiate v2', which is marked as v4. That map is ok. But the map in the map pool is the one where it's all wrong.


Yeah I use v2, it’s an issue with the map version being used for the matchmaker.


The map "Desert Strike" has one mex that can't be built, because it's halfway in the water. The other mex can be built. It's along the coastline of the mainland.


I don't understand why sirgis and Strife of Titan are in the 4v4 pool. Sirgis is a 2v2 map while strife is 1v1 or 2v2 at most. They're both awfull for 4v4.


While I don't really mind Sirgis I think that Strife of titan just have to go. It's abysmal for 4v4, not to mention 2 players per team are just forced to go gun from the get go.


Strife is absolutely awful, and Sirgis isn't far behind when it comes to 4v4 MM.


The TMM match pool for 4v4 is utter trash. This coming from a player who loves tmm. Why is it trash you say?


The beauty of TMM, is random teams, random slots, random maps. My opinion, go with the flow of random, remove fixed maps, and use Map gen as the only map in the pool, with 10km 12km and 15km as the options for sizes. Reduce naval ma likeliness to 25%.

Lets make TMM great again.

I'm a nice guy.

This post is deleted!

Can we remove crossfire canal from the 1v1 matchmaker for low rated? No one seems to enjoy it


Hilly Plateu in 4v4 TMM inqueue has non-mirrored spawn positions. See replay

alt text


Thanks for the report, we've switched it out for Hilly Plateau 5v5 v2, which has proper spawns.


I feel there's too many navy maps in the pool. I appreciate that this is subjective. Would it be possible to have a preference added to allow you to avoid navy maps?

Also, Isis needs to go. Don't replace it with Thermo, Dual Gap, Setons, or their ilk either. They're Custom map territory.

Just IMO.



Please remove Fields of Isis from 4 v 4 TMM.
It is extremely boring.
There is a reason we don't join custom dual gap lobby, but now we are all forced to play gap style games.
Thank you,