List of active FAF streamers

Russian FAF streamer "Yuri The Professional" is not listed:

This is the best RU streamer!

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Russian FAF streamer "Yuri The Professional" is not listed:

He is listed.

I’ll be using this list as the benchmark for people to host for the official FAF twitch.

Could probably add Podli? He was casting the tournament yesterday in Russian on Twitch.

Does Yuri actually stream? He only casts afaik?

One is for streamers, other is for casters?

Any reason im not on the list of Streamers ?

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

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One is for streamers, other is for casters?

oh yeah

Add me in boss -

Morax asked to be added

I'm fairly active and going to be more active now that I'm on better hardware. A mix of setons and some ladder recently

Added few more channels.

Russian-language streamer: Mr. Nobody (FAF username: OCA).

Heads up that we are promoting active streamers in the client News tab, particularly when we're a little short for stories, so if you're streaming regularly (probably 4-5 minimum recent broadcasts and/or not inactive for many days at a time) and want a mention in the client let us know in #news-post-requests in the FAF Promotion sever here Ideally there's also a clear value to the viewer, e.g. educational for new players, entertaining/interactive streamer, gameplay with high skill and speed. Non-English language streams are VERY welcome.

We have been picking one or two active streamers to promote based on Twitch activity, which is probably fine. But just in case it somehow causes drama, we'd prefer to do it with the streamer's permission or at their request going forward.

Did some clean up and moved streams around to better represent activity and quality.

I wanted to expand a little on how we might highlight streamers in the client's News tab, but I'd like to seek feedback - I don't have many strong views but I have a feeling we could annoy people or cause drama if we're not careful (I mean it might happen no matter what lol, all due respect to the FAF community, want to minimise the chance though). Again, this is for slow news weeks, or at least when there's not many different news stories.

Ideally we'd be able to be vet for quality*, checking VODs is pretty helpful here but it's also a BIG JOB to do properly. So if there are a bunch of VODs (you need to switch on Store Past Broadcasts if you're using Twitch, it's not on by default) that helps us to have a quick skim - I assume that's how Tagada curates the OP in this thread - but I doubt we can properly vet a stream because there are only so many hours in a day. At times I suspect we will take advantage of the vetting Tagada has done here, but if streamers have met these requirements and aren't on this list we're open to promoting them if they come to us or we can otherwise be confident they're active and have some quality. Would REALLY prefer it came directly from the streamer though.

I think we'd want to see 3+ unique FAF streams with 5+ hours uptime in the last fortnight or so as an absolute bare minimum for activity too, and it probably needs to be a good bit more than this if the streamer goes inactive or plays other games for large periods within a fortnight.

Really open to suggestion on any of this if anyone cares particularly deeply about ensuring only the best stuff gets promoted, or instead thinks this makes it too hard to build a stream for an already tiny game.

*"Quality" - probably is best defined as streams that could add some kind of value to the FAF community. I can only really think of educational focus (including stream chats helping a new, low rated streamer), high-skill play (which obviously has educational value too), or the stream style being able to build a community - I guess this kind of catches "the next BRNK" or "the next Gyle", both are a bit educational but the thing that makes them successful is their personality/colour commentary and the community around that. If people have other kinds of streams they think we should look at it here let us know.