Up to date thread of good casters


It would be great if someone could maintain a list of casters, similar to the list of streamers on newshub. Thanks!


I'm not the guy for this but here's who I know by most active :
(I put the cutoff at ~1 year since last activity)

1.) Jagged Appliance
2.) Kenosis
3.) ZLO
4.) Gyle
5.) Willow's Duality
6.) Skwoll
7.) Medicraze
8.) Arkitect

youtube faf video makers :

1.) Jagged Appliance
2.) (russian) lilSidlil
3.) (russian) FAFPutinFAF
4.) Kenosis
5.) ZLO
6.) (russian) Lenkin
7.) Supreme Derp
8.) Gyle
10.) (russian) Yuri The Professional
11.) TheDualist
12.) Willow's Duality
13.) Skwoll
14.) Medicraze
15.) Speed2
16.) Farmsletje
17.) dEcent
18.) Arkitect

Streamers :

1.) WhizzeyMcWhiz
2.) (russian) lilSidlil
3.) VulthuRealm
4.) foodlfg
5.) (russian) FAFPutinFAF
6.) (dutch) conorach
7.) (german) EfffEfff
8.) (russian) mlkblr
9.) pixelxd_yt
10.) (russian) MrNobody1975
11.) (french) saurgon
12.) (italian) lele_bossolo

(I could order them by quality instead but it would get very subjective)


Let's not forget TheDuelist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDDNS1XW0-o1FRPvaR9-pKA who has been putting out tons of good content lately, not just casts but interesting analysis and gameplay videos as well. There's also Whizzey McWhiz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9cRw1-cPBu2XYQTDvO_HPg who has been streaming FAF recently and consistently.

Also, would it be possible to move this thread to General and pin it? I feel it would make more sense there than in the job openings page, and it may give these people more traffic.


@Evan_ Oh yeah!

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