List of active FAF streamers

Added you to the list @demonstreamer666

probably EDC_Clan has to get high rated teamgames tbh

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

@Tagada (HarzerNoob)

Also, Gieb is still missing.

Add please to the list ru
They save their streams to a separate playlist, they are not visible on their main channel

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@pryanichek @Tagada

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My good friend Yudi has decided to create a new twitch account for undisclosed reasons.
Please add to the list.


Undisclosed reasons lol

Ras Boi's save lives.

Gyle is why I got into this game and on the main site that links to this thread is states "casting replays or live streaming games on Twitch, Youtube, etc.". So there is some conflicting information between the FAF site and what this page is saying.

Gyle should be listed as a source of good contribution to the game and community via casting replays.

I didn't see Gyle stream shit in months, or rather never, even fucking Blackheart is more active at this point. And as the name of the topic implies it's a list of active STREAMERS, not casters. So unfortunately the funny balding brit is not on the list. Also GJ pinging me of all the people, not to mention it's not like the list was even updated in past year or anything.

It was actually updated in February this year, just forgot to change the year in the date.