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@cheeseberry Or you could give the second engie a "ground assist order" next to the hydro and queue up any other orders after that. It will arrive at the site, assist the nearest thing (which will be the hydro), then there will be nothing left to assist, so it will drop the assist order and follow the next order in its queue.

@archsimkat I'd like a "select all of same unit on map" too. Used to postion mobile AA in a strike team or select a subset of drones in stupid long type games.

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Can we fix that annoying thing that resets the currently selected construction tab for various reasons? Like when you selected a T3 engi, switched to T1 to choose something from there, and then an event happens, and you are back in the T3 tab.

This happens because of Common Mod Tools mod that provides info about player's units to other UI mods. Unfortunately there is no special UI function to get all player's units, so from time to time we have to select ALL units on the map, get info about them and then revert selection back. All this happens in 0.1 sec, so it is not noticeble for your eyes, but still counts as reselection and causes reset of construction tab

@arma473 Yes, there are lots of workarounds, but all of them are suboptimal.

Your suggestion for example falls apart if the 1st engie dies to a lab or something. On a big map where my apm/attention is limited, I'd want the 2nd engie to start building the hydro anyway, but if I give a ground assist order, it just sits around doing nothing.

Also your suggestion assumes I know which engie will arrive at the hydro first, which is sometimes hard to estimate on e.g. mapgen maps.

There would be other use cases too:
For example it happens quite often to me that I queue up some t1 mexes with whatever engie is around during a hectic part of the game, and then realize a dozen seconds later that another engie actually can get there sooner.

If I could just place a second mex construction order on top of the first one, I wouldn't need to first cancel the order of the further away engie.

@cheeseberry in that particular scenario, you could have the second (closer) engie assist the first one, it will go build the mex (but will then sit there until the original one arrives and confirms it's done before moving on).

@deletethis Thatโ€™s exactly what heโ€™s trying to avoid though, and for good reasons.

Iโ€™ve gotten good at issuing different orders to different engineers ending with selecting both of them to build the hydro or whatever, but yeah would be a bit easier and less error prone to have what cheese is suggesting.

I'll throw this here was mentioned in a PM.
when in like 1v1 / any matchmaker I assume you are able to draw via the diplomacy tab from my previous experience when you press the button it does not prompt the other play that you're asking for a draw. my knowledge might be outdated and it may already do this but if not would be nice to have a visual aid to the option that you asking for a draw without asking in chat as they may not understand what you asking

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@cheeseberry said in Small suggestions topic:

A setting that allows queuing of the same structure on top of each other, combining their orders into one as if given to multiple engies.

I do not think this is possible - without a lot of additional book keeping. The ringing feature, for example, queues up the same structure on top of each other. But the build preview that a player has doesn't allow for that.

Perhaps the orders are being tracked already at the moment because of the spread attack feature. I can look into that. But no promises ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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Create separated match-maker queues for Astro Crater & Dual Gap.

There's little to no point in doing so. Global rating already works wonders for all your dual and astro needs.

@strate match-maker for DG wouldn't work as there are too many people in a single game (it's 6vs6 and we already run into similar problems with 4vs4 queue) causing it to lag too often.

Idk about how small change is, but it would be awesome if any production unit (such as Czar or t3 aircraft naval unit) could build units while moving and consuming other orders.

I would really like to be able to deselect specific selected units. I can't believe this feature isn't in the game.. or at least I can't find it.

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I would really like to be able to deselect specific selected units. I can't believe this feature isn't in the game.. or at least I can't find it.

Several ways to de-select units:

1 - you can right-click on the icon corresponding to a certain unit type. This will remove all such units from your selection. I'm referring to the icons at the bottom of the screen in the "selection and storage" tab.

For example, if you select 10 tanks and 5 anti-airs, you will see a picture of tank with the number 10 and a picture of anti air with the number 5. Right-click on the picture of anti-air and they will all be de-selected

2 - while holding shift, you can left-click on a selected unit to de-select just that unit.

3 - while holding shift, you can click and drag the left mouse button to make a rectangular selection. If your rectangle contains only units that are part of the selection, they will be de-selected. If your rectangle contains any units that were not already part of the selection, then everything in the rectangle will be in the selection.

Edit: there are also some mods that affect selection, but I believe everything that I'm describing is part of the base game.

Units attacking from max range, but build/reclaim from min range. This is so strange & stupid, so if anyone could fix it - reclaim/repair & build from max range - it would be perfect

I'd need to look into that, but as far as I am aware that is engine related ๐Ÿ˜ž

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Change the upgrade behavior of hives to be consistent with other upgrades in the game.

If you give a hive an upgrade command, it will first finish assisting whatever it is assisting, before it starts the upgrade. This is inconsistent with (all?) other assisters that can upgrade themselves, e.g. acus, sacus, factories, kennels, which start their self-upgrade immediately.

It's also undesirable as hives automatically assist everything in range, so making sure they actually upgrade themselves when you want them to is a lot more annoying than it should be.

(Sidenote: Imo hives are dumb and should be nerfed to the level kennels are at, at least, but that doesn't mean they should behave inconsistently like this)

@cheeseberry I want to look closer into the balance of Hives and Kennels in the near future

@tagada Nice! Pm me if you need any testers or whatever ๐Ÿ˜„
(Or replays showing the problem, as they multiple times bailed me out of situations I really had no business winning since I started playing cybran on setons)
((Not that setons is the be-all end-all of balance, of course..))