I have a problem with icons


I have a problem with the icons for the different choices of buildings, units and upgrades with some of the mods I have installed.

The Total Mayhem mod works perfectly well, the icons appear. but if I take Brewlan or any other mod, I don't have the icons, everything appears in blue.

I tried several things but without success.

Do you know how to remedy this problem?

Thank you !

Sans titre (1).png

Have you solved the problem? I have a similar problem

@Uveso @Jip
Sorry to interrupt. I see this problem, too. It seems that all MOD icons are not displaying properly. Will be shown as the blue "place holder" in the image above


There should not be a problem with icons ?!?

The Total Mayhem mod has its own icon support functions, so it will have always icons. (also on steam)

Could you provide us some additional information like the game.log?

Just in general, you are playing the FAF version of the game and you have NOT installed Black Ops global icon support?

@uveso I have checked and no other MOD is used. My version is also the latest version of FAF. Is the resolution of my computer causing the ICONS not to display? Also, where can I find the game log?

@zhanghm18 During the game, pressing the F9 key can selectively capture some relevant information. You can give it a try

The storage address for log files is usually in this folder:
C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Forged Alliance Forever\logs

@nomads Thanks! I will try

LOG.txt Here is my log. Still no icons. Please check it


Well I checked the game.log and there are many strange errors.

WARNING: Unknown DirectSound speaker configuration 8. Defaulting to Stereo.

This can cause crashes while playing, please set your speakers to stereo

WARNING: UI layer has not been initialized.
stack traceback:
WARNING:         [C]: in function `GetFrame'

Never saw this error, but i guess when parts of the Ui fails, you will not see everything.

WARNING: ...ata\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\system\import.lua(155): Error importing '/lua/maui/effecthelpers.lua'
WARNING: ...ata\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\system\import.lua(155): Error importing '/lua/ui/game/chat.lua'
WARNING: Error running lua command: ...ata\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\system\import.lua(155): Error importing '/lua/ui/game/gamemain.lua'

Then we have several gamefiles that fail to load.
Looks like they fail because part of the Ui is missing.

WARNING: Unable to find file /mods/antares unit pack/Ѐ½ᄄ΀ļ ᄐЀ/units/gmrs302/gmrs302_unit.bp
WARNING: Unable to find file /mods/xtremwars/units/uef/tech3exp/Ѐ½ᄄ΀ļ ᄐЀ/uea0401/uea0401_unit.bp
WARNING: Unable to find file /mods/4th_dimension_212/units/Ѐ½ᄄ΀ļ ᄐЀ/uel0302/uel0302_unit.bp
WARNING: Unable to find file /mods/battlepack/units/was0332/Ѐ½ᄄ΀ļ ᄐЀ/was0332_unit.bp
WARNING: Unable to find file /mods/totalmayhem/projectiles/brmt1hvyproj/Ѐ½ᄄ΀ļ ᄐЀ/brmt1hvyproj_proj.bp

Hundreds of files that cannot be found from these mods.
Also the mod directory path is very strange with an additional directory array /½ᄄ΀ļ ᄐЀ/

There are also warnings from mod file validators.
(Some mods have build in file checkers)
The RNG AI is reporting that there is an additional file present in the mod and some bytes are missing
Total Mayhem is running, but the file validator isn't showing up
The Wyvern Battle Pack filevalidator is erroring out.

So we end up with many files that cannot be found due to wrong directories.
I can only guess, but that's the main reason the games aren't working.

my suggestion:
Make sure there is no virus on the system and Windows is in good condition
check all game files (maybe reinstall)
remove and redownload all mods.
(Make sure you're not using OneDrive or similar)

@uveso Thank you very much for your reply! Very helpful, I will try to troubleshoot these. In addition, my game will crash in about 10 minutes on a 20KM map. I also sent a post with my three game logs in it, could you also check what the problem is? https://forum.faforever.com/topic/6322/the-game-crashed-after-a-while-on-a-20km-20km-map