Searching Mentor - Freshling starting


I discovered this wonderfull game, watched a dozen replays at Gyle youtube channel and fell in love with this RTS and saw a wonderfull community around it with vet. players and so much passion. I had to join ✌

I have almost no playtime yet, and im starting from scratch with the wisdom from replays only. and I was hoping to find someone to share my "path to glory" with 🙂

It's nothing like on any regulair basis, or fixed hours. Just more like a friendly observer who when it fits both parties can join in and teach me the ways.

While i might not have much experience in this game, I am a vet. RTS player who always goes to far and puts to much pride on my performance. So you can expect I will do everthing to improve my performance.

It would just be great not having to solo all the way 😄

Regardless, hope to see lots of you on the field once I get the nerve to join some real matches 😄

Happy holidays !

We have a great team of personal trainers in the Discord, they'd be glad to help you out!

@holmenlund Well. if you want some up to date tutorials, I'd recommend you to see mine!

But for 1v1 trainer, the official FAF discord is the best place. I heavily recommend you asking HintHunter or FtXCommando (in the discord of course) since they are very active in the training.

FAF Website Developer

@femboy and @Deribus

THank you both so much for the info 😄

I'll check out the discord and def. check out your tutorials Femboy. Thanks alot and see you around 😄