Game stuck and crash

Hello i have some problem with game after 15-16 min in party with more than 7-8 players i get some flash and artefacts if i make something to remove frozen screen i get black screen alt+ tab can`t fix this, somebody know how can i solve this???

Jip mentioned yesterday that for some the shader's might not update.
try and host one game on FAF dev to force that

Yes - and if possible, make a screenshot. That way I can identify whether this is the cause, or something else is. We're working on a fix to force compilation on the regular branch too.

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I am facing the exact same problem. Whre can I download the dev client? Searched the forum and google and was not able to find a working link.

Edit: I found it on github. Started the alpha client, started a game and the quit. I am still able to reproduce the error. I have a savegame of a skirmish game a few seconds before the freeze. And it freezes always a few seconds after loading the savegame. Does a skirmish game create a game log? I cannot find one.

@Lanviper the problem has nothing to do with the client but is a faulty shader update triggered by nomads. To fix it you need to host a game on the FAF development game type. So, create a game and pick FAF development from the bottom of the list in the game type column on the very left side. (the client will download some stuff). After that you should be able to play like before.

@Amygdala How do you have found this fix out? I would have never guessed that, in 1000 years.

I didnt find the fix myself. Just was around when the shadder issue popped up with the latest game patch.

@amygdala Thank you very much for clarifying that! It worked, I can finaly enjoy FAF again. 🙂