Advance Wars and AWBW

This isn't FAF related, but I'm curious if anybody else in the FAF community played Advance Wars as a kid or, more importantly, plays AWBW today.

As a busy adult, I'd like to play FAF more, but I find AWBW satisfies my need for strategy games whilst being greatly more flexible with my time.


@funkoff I played it as a kid and loved it! Wished I would have had a chance to play it competitively but their online client was so weird, couldn't figure it out

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I tried to get my friends to play it with me but since it can take hours or even days for people to take their turns it kind of fell off.

I can’t wait for the Rebootcamp remake but it got delayed till spring…

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

@zeldafanboy The reason I got into AWBW is because the reboot was announced.... Im sticking with it because it's fun. Tell your friends that the clock is adjustable. Speedrun on awbw likes 3 minute increments and 5 minute max turns. That means a game takes an hour, tops.