Legend of the Stars PLAYER CARDS!


Hello Everyone! I come to bring the finalized design of LoTS Player Cards, these are meant to be shown on the groups stage, for casters to use during the stream. They were not meant to be a "serious" component but more for entertainment and to have fun.

This was achieved mainly due to a contribution of mine and FtXCommando, me being the artist (design of the card) and he being the historian and statistician (data, quotes, scores on macro, micro).

Artboard 1.png

Here there is a 1920x1080 image draft of what it would look on LoTS, obviously it needs a background but just imagine the four cards have different colors, avatars, names and info on them.

Currently, the colors and images of the players are somewhat arbitrary. I'm willing to ask the players for the color of their choosing (1-2 colors, for example, archsimkat chose jade and gold, inspektor_kot chose dark red). If I can't contact you easily, a color scheme will be chosen for you (see Nexus-).

As for the avatars, if you have a funny/witty idea about a player, feel free to bring it up! Something to some extent memey that describes the player well and is funny as well.

If you have any design changes or ideas, due to LoTS being around the corner, I might not be able to implement your feedback due to time constraints. But if you feel very strong about it, I'm using adobe illustrator to make the cards and I accept help lol.

Tomorrow Wednesday, I'll start the mass production of all other cards. So if you have something to say, say it now because once I start making all the cards, I'm not re-doing all of them lol.

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Currently, I can't contact @Nexus , @TURBO2 and @Adjux .

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If I can't contact you easily, a color scheme will be chosen for you (see Nexus-).

You should use the ingame color the player picks frequently if they don't give you one. Nexus uses the same light purple color when he has the choice, e.g. shown here:


@archsimkat turbo2 chooses orange every time, and adjux seems to favor light brown

Burgundy red for me. But afaik Kot, Jagged and Farms also use it.

May be favourite unit or faction? 😁

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Group BArtboard 1 copy 2_1.png Group BArtboard 1 copy 2.png Group BArtboard 1 copy 2_3.png Group BArtboard 1 copy 2_2.png

Here is the first Batch (Group B)

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This is the greatest thing i have ever seen. 10/10

this literally has to be one of the best things on the forum ngl

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

Thanks for the support everyone, it is really appreciated!

Love how nobody except @Rowey realized a typo on BH's card, maybe I'm predicting the future lol

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Group DArtboard 1 copy 2_3.png Group DArtboard 1 copy 2_2.png Group DArtboard 1 copy 2_1.png Group DArtboard 1 copy 2.png

Group D is "done", Yudi's card is a WIP atm so it will change soonTM

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This stuff is even more cringe than the dancing ACU ladder queue.

You're just jealous you don't get a card.

This is pure gold, can't wait for mine.

Those are amazing!

Group ArchArtboard 1 copy 2_3.png Group AArtboard 1 copy 2_3.png Group AArtboard 1 copy 2_2.png Group AArtboard 1 copy 2_1.png Group AArtboard 1 copy 2.png

@Tagada @Tex here are your player cards! Arch needs an image thought (and arch, just like Yudi, needs his data to be constructed and filled in)

Really liked the colors chosen by players in this group.

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10/10 Tex card

I'm not going to give you too much shit because I gave FtX a beatdown when he showed me your prior version, and thus you iterated on it to make it somewhat better than it was.

Please fix your alignment though because literally every single element is off in some way.

alt text

I'm assuming you turned off snapping in Illustrator because normally stuff like this cannot happen unless you want it to, and you dont want it to...

also perhaps

  1. Dont use gradents on the outside, green and purple normally work together but right now it looks mucky and doesnt fit the rest of the card. (I said earlier: everything looks like it was made in isolation) Just make one part purple and another green or whatever.
  2. Remove what i can only assume is the "player colours" next to the image. People can tell what the colours are by the card, just make the image fill the whole box.

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I have a quote for Swkoll card if you would be interested.
Every person Swkoll beats suffers from deep depression after the harsh realisation that his opponent didn't even need hotkeys to beat them, who knows if he even used his hands at all?