Redux Strategic Icons


The previous version had some issues, and the smaller versions were not working as intended. More Custom Units, ACUs have better highlighting. Included Blackops and Nomads units as well.

The small version wasn't really the small version and looked ugly. So now the base Redux Strategic Icons are the default FAF size with a few exceptions. The other two are intended for 1080, and 2k+. 2k version seems to look fine on 4k to me.

Been experimenting with different hover and selected schemes. May modify before uploading to the vault.
Might not be for everyone, but it does help with some colors. Maybe less for others. There is an optional file that slightly lightens darker colors. The exception being dark blue is replaced with sky blue.




Readme instructions are in the download.

Default Size

1080 Size

2K Size


Any time someone posts an icon set, they should include at least one picture. A screenshot or a picture listing out various icons. Show us what they might look like in-game. You can't expect people to download and install icon sets just to find out what they look like. Ideally there would be a side-by-side comparison shot showing what your icons look like against some other set (against default icons, against "Advanced Strategic Icons" if you're competing with that set, etc.). And maybe at least 1 sentence describing the theme behind your icons. As in "same as the default icons, but scaled in size" or "StarCraft-themed icons" or whatever. All I know about these icons is that they are the MacDeffy re-dos and they come in different sizes.


The fact that each faction gets their own ACU icon is very cool

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


I obviously didn't install properly because the only thing that works for me is the SACU icons lol. I'll figure that out (I hope lol) but what I don't like is that they are outlined in white so it appears as though they are selected when they are not. NIce contribution nonetheless. Thanks for spending the time on such a thing.

Let there be light

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Yes. I've had the same thoughts as well. It's somewhat of a carryover of how ASI did it, and it does make them stand out, but perhaps i'll mock up an alternative.

You should download the mod from the mod vault for the rest of them, and enable them in mod manager. If you copied over the files already, you still have to enable them like any other mod.


Reworked, and reuploaded. You can see some of the changes in top post.