ETA on next patch?

I see the milestone on github for patches are constantly changing. Was wondering what influences it's due by date.
I'm really exited for the next patch!

I was unaware that there was a balance patch this week too . We're releasing that on Friday. That is why the milestone changed. The developers patch will have to wait till after LoTS as there is not enough time to ensure it is stable 😶 . That is set to the 20th of December, right after the finale of LoTS.

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Thanx for the answer. Would it be possible at all to add the rhino change you made for Friday? Would it need more testing or can the way merges work screw things up?

For that It'd need to be part of the balance patch. I'm not confident that we fixed the issue with the Rhino however - it needs more testing (aka: more people playing the FAF Develop game type).

If we can get confirmation by Friday morning that it no longer happens then I can add it in as it is a small change.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Hi. Ye it still seems to miss sometimes, but it does seem better. There was a fix at some point similar to the cerb turret. It basically never missed.
Here is the code for the weapon if you are interested:
Weapon = {
AboveWaterTargetsOnly = true,
Audio = {
Fire = Sound {
Bank = 'URLWeapon',
Cue = 'URL0202_Cannon_Dbl',
LodCutoff = 'Weapon_LodCutoff',
BallisticArc = 'RULEUBA_LowArc',
CollideFriendly = false,
Damage = 25,
DamageType = 'Normal',
DisplayName = 'Particle Cannon',
FireTargetLayerCapsTable = {
Land = 'Land|Water|Seabed',
Water = 'Land|Water|Seabed',
FiringTolerance = 2,
Label = 'MainGun',
LeadTarget = true,
MaxRadius = 24,
MuzzleSalvoDelay = 0,
MuzzleSalvoSize = 1,
MuzzleVelocity = 400,
ProjectilesPerOnFire = 1,
ProjectileId = '/projectiles/CDFLaserHeavy02/CDFLaserHeavy02_proj.bp',
RackBones = {
MuzzleBones = {
RackBone = 'Barrel',
RackFireTogether = true,
RackRecoilDistance = -1,
RackReloadTimeout = 10,
RackSalvoChargeTime = 0,
RackSalvoReloadTime = 0,
RackSalvoSize = 1,
RackSlavedToTurret = false,
RangeCategory = 'UWRC_DirectFire',
RateOfFire = 1.8,
ReTargetOnMiss = true,
TargetCheckInterval = 0.25,
TargetPriorities = {
TargetRestrictDisallow = 'UNTARGETABLE',
TrackingRadius = 1.15,
TurretBoneMuzzle = 'Turret_Muzzle01',
TurretBonePitch = 'Barrel',
TurretBoneYaw = 'Turret',
TurretDualManipulators = false,
TurretPitch = 0,
TurretPitchRange = 30,
TurretPitchSpeed = 90,
TurretYaw = 0,
TurretYawRange = 180,
TurretYawSpeed = 90,
Turreted = true,
WeaponCategory = 'Direct Fire',

Edit: I increased the projectile speed here to see what it would do. It looks pretty legit, like a beam.


I'm discussing it with the balance councilor - I'll report back 🙂 .

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Please do all you can to get this into the patch, Rhinos missing Strikers when they turn is heartbreaking especially since the slightest slopes block their shots already

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Is this just the same target-leading problem that every laser unit has?

@ThomasHiatt Yes it is.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

about lasers... they maybe look cool but i don't see much point in fixing lasers with that has not been done for all these years why not just revert rhino to projectile.... it worked well, looked ok and had less trouble with terrain... and then someone decided that he fixed lasers and gave lasers to rhinos...

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This post is deleted!

It is merged and set to release for tomorrow:

Thank you again for reaching out. We'll look into other lasers (Seraphim T2 PD / Destroyer, UEF t3 Battlecruiser) to see if they're viable or require a similar change somehow.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned