WASD to move camera

How can I switch camera move keys to WASD rather than the arrow keys. I stopped playing supreme commander when it released because of this issue. There was no option for key binding. I always use WASD in all the games ( RTS and first person shooters etc), so very difficult to use arrow keys. If any mods etc please let me know. Regards

Fortunately FAF added option to rebind keys without need for mods or any config file editing.
Just run game via FAF and press F1 to open key rebinding menu.

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@ZLO thank you for the quick reply and update. I'll give it a try when I get back home. Regards

Side note: I'm a big fan of yours, remember watching quite a few of your games on Gayle cast youtube channel.

IIRC camera pan is the only command that cannot be remapped.

But please look and prove me wrong, I'd hate to lose a player to misinformation.

If indeed I am correct, my advice would be to use zooming out and in to move the camera around. It will always zoom in wherever the mouse is. I think in the long run you will find it more versatile (you can move to the opposite side of any map with one zoom out and one zoom in), as well as having more hotkeys closer together (ie. using WASD for other things). It takes some getting used to but if you watch the pros POV casts you will see they never pan, only zooming in and out.

As a side note, there is a mod that lets you set camera positions with shift+tab and move between then with tab. Useful for saving the enemy base as a camera position and quickly going there when you have scouts overhead. There are other helpful shortcuts like comma to zoom to your acu, etc.

i have heared that key that brings up console also cannot be remapped, so be carefull.

Also if that F1 menu can't remap those keys... maybe you can COPY that functionality from arrow keys to WASD keys in the game.prefs file

TA4Life: "At the very least we are not slaves to the UI" | http://www.youtube.com/user/dimatularus | http://www.twitch.tv/zlo_rd

If you are desperate enough, you could just use an AutoHotkey script to bind the arrow keys to WASD.

Let me rephrase pearl:

One of the key functionalities of faf is strategic zoom with the mouse wheel. Its one of the defining features of faf and you should always use it, otherwise you arnt playing faf the way it supposed to be played by game design. You don't play online chess using wasd either, so don't play faf that way. It would just be silly.

@FULL-POWER-BENIS I don't like telling people how they "should" play; if someone wants to use WASD then I won't stop them, especially if they wouldn't play otherwise. Arbiting peoples' play styles can push them away. But I suspect that most new players who don't use the mouse wheel for strategic zoom that stick with the game will, eventually (or very quickly), migrate away from WASD and towards strategic zoom.

@Pearl12 I agree with your point, strategic zoom is the best way to play this game. And camera pan is not reprogrammable as you have highlighted. @ZLO has mentioned using game.pref, I'll have a look at that file. Thank you for your input guys

I prefer telling the things as they are even if that means i need to tell people how to live their life.

Another way for panning the camera is holding middle mouse button and dragging it around. Can be quite nice for cinematics if you know how to move your mouse smoothly.