Client 2021.10.0 Upcoming Features


This topic is meant to introduce the new features and updates that are being added to the client for version v2021.10.0. As the new PRs are merged they will be added here. Please note with this release we are switching to a calendar based release versioning. As well I will try to have the beta and release candidates out for a longer period of time prior to release. The pre-release is now available at

Offline FAF sounds like a great feature to add, it wasn't a big deal but having to be online just to play vs AI wasn't the greatest

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

You can already play FAF offline. They're just going to make it easier to get there. Here is how to do it now:

@arma473 That is needlessly complicated. I did it and have a desktop shortcut, but I still launch online games to play by myself, test mods, etc.

I feel this can help reduce the clutter of pointless replays being added to the vault. Though I could be wrong about which ones go up there.

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I have updated the changes as well as released a new Release Client for testing with the final release hopefully in a week

Why are we removing the downlord branding?

Ras Boi's save lives.

Because the java client has been the official FAF client for a long while now, it's no longer an alternative.

Also for several years now it's no longer a one-man show but got maintained by other people.

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