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Hey Jip
I've been tracking down a sim freeze today trying to figure out if it was my AI causing it or not. But it looks like its not. This freeze didn't previously happen before the patch and I only see it happen on the fields of isis map (I assume its related to whatever conditions are met by that style of map) I ran about 30 odd test today and this particular map had it happen probably 4 out of 15 games with other maps not having it happen at all.
Unfortunately the log show absolutely nothing out of ordinary, looks like a normal game up until it isn't, the sim doesn't log anything afterwards, you still get info messages e.g minimized game etc.

As far as symptoms go the sim will freeze but the UI is still running happily, you can still hover over buildings etc. No errors, no nothing.

If you want to reproduce I think the best method is to use uveso's rush AI and setup a 2v2 on it then run it at 10 speed. His AI seems to make it happen more often, which could be related to the unit production numbers it does, but it also happens with others where it didn't previously. In the times I saw it, the freeze would happen between 20-50 mins of game time.

What you describe sounds like a dead loop - this can happen if a forked thread doesn't yield properly while being in an infinite statement and therefore takes up all the time of the sim indefinitely. Only question that remains is what causes it.

I'll see if I can reproduce it - sadly, as you mentioned without any form of errors or logs it becomes guess work as to where it is. Do you use the latest version of Uveso from the vault or his version on Github?

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@femtozetta I cant see any of the resource icons , i cant seem to sort it out


@jip The map was Ultimate_you_shall_not_pass_10 40x40. 5 AI vs 5 players. approximately 2 into the game we get a critical error and freezes. You can hear the game play by nothing is moving. We can all still chat over discord but everyone been frozen. Played different maps and same issue. It shows some Java debug issue if i can remember from my log I sent before. Let me know if you need more info but it happened after the new patch. Thank you for all you do and the support you provide.


@P64444 Anything java related is not related to why the game freezes. The client is in Java, the game is in C / C++ / Lua. We need the information from the game, including the information of the debugger (opens after the game crashes) and the game log!

Also - 40x40 on FAF? 🙂

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Patch 3724 is out - this should fix a lot of the issues people have been experiencing. See the original post for more information.

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Custom game freezes randomly @FAF Develop v3724




I can see why - there is a projectile that is crashing on impact, causing the event to happen again. I recommend you to play without mods for now.

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@arran FAF added the basic functionality where you can just assist a T2/T3 mex to automatically queue up the ring of storage. Basically, just double click a T2 mex to ring it.

@archsimkat Could you please explain this?
If i doublelcik the mex, all mexes are selected on screen.
if I doubleclick the upgrade button, it grades up tp tech3.


Select an engie, press shift and double click on a mex ->the engie will build mass storages around the mex. This feature can be enabled/disabled in the options menu ingame.


Thank you, but for me, and I found it out just now, it works as follows:
select an engie, press shift, and click once the right mouse button.

I hope you do not mind when I ask another question:

I found out how to use the "spread attack" button again.


  • wasn't there a function called "split group"?

When i had a large group I could split it in two, all units evenly divided.
if I remember correctly.

Just as useful as the "Tab"-Function, that shifts through sea, air and land classes..

Answer: It is a Mod: Group split.

  • how do I increase the spacing of build templates?

And while I am at it: is there a place where all this features are listed?
Where is an explanation of the hotbuild preset and the alternative one.
It is not that easy to find.
You know, such stuff should be written somewhere for all those that start playing this game and for all that stopped playing for a while.

Thanks for all of your energy and the great updated options!