Patch 3721 / hotfix 3722 / hotfix 3723 / Patch 3724


And here we are - the patch is live!

The development branch has been tested thoroughly - however, as with any patch - things may leak through. Please post your findings when things break in this topic. Make sure that you include:

  • The client log
  • The game log
  • Exception code (if available)

The changelog as described in this commit

Patch 3721 (19 September, 2021)


  • Improved visibility of balance patchnotes
  • Improved CPU benchmark to take into account RAM
  • Removed large map preview when map preview is hidden (map generator)
  • Prevented kyros lobby from displaying spawn location when map preview is hidden (map generator)
  • Fixed ACU display in large map preview
  • Fixed the link for curated map button


  • Removed reclaim rate from scoreboard mass income
  • Added decals on a lot of projectiles impact and tree falling effect for aesthetics
  • Added feature : preselection of mex when selection engineer and hovering the cursor over a mass spot
  • Allowed battleship/battlecruiser to render their weapon reload bar
  • Speed up Aeon static shields death animation to match other faction
  • Added a hotkey for dock
  • Made sonars more reliable to hit


  • Fixed game resulting in draw when it should not
  • Fixed units doing some friendlyfire and inaccurate damage
  • Fixed Cybran ACU sonar that was working without the torpedo upgrade
  • Fixed unit cap display in coop
  • Fixed some UI scaling issues
  • Fixed game ID displayed in the scoreboard
  • Fixed a warning with shield overspill function
  • Fixed a bug happening when engies were not able to build
  • Fixed some warnings due to lava trees missing textures
  • Fixed aoe damage not working properly on build drones
  • Fixed hotkey not working with Seraphim SACU in buildmode


  • Optimized Cybran build effects and reduced the number of drones spawned by hives
  • Code optimization related to weapons
  • Call to faster function
  • Improved UEF build beam logic
  • Simplified Seraphim flash effect at finished structure
  • Simplified UEF static shield build effect
  • Optimized math calculations
  • Optimized function to generate random numbers
  • Optimized logic for structure rotation toward enemies (for point defenses, artillery)
  • Optimized HQ logic
  • Prefetch data in the lobby to speed up loading screen
  • Removed unused code which aimed to rock boats
  • Optimized the access to the current layer of a unit
  • Optimized trashbag
  • Benchmark tool for developers allowing to evaluate code impact on performances


  • Fixed a bug preventing AI from firing nukes from Aeon SML
  • Fixed AI's ACU upgrade in coop
  • Fixed arty range issues with AI
  • Removed unused code for AI
  • Improved description of AI code
  • Fixed AI platoon function
  • Fixed AI game result


  • Improved and more visible weather
  • Added new props for maps
  • Display beetle as cloaked for the owner
  • Removed duplicates of adjacency visual effects
  • Added field engineer icon to Cybran/Seraphim/Aeon, so it display in case they possess one.
  • Updated loading tips
  • Prevented observers from pinging
  • Prevented sending resources to enemies
  • Fixed tooltip to support experimental transporter
  • Improved code style consistency
  • Fixed chrono dampener and RAS description
  • Removed Aquatic tag from T3 UEF Mobile Anti Air (MAA)
  • Fixed the visual of several Cybran unit's weapon
  • Added old patch notes changes until the version 3636
  • Test code with FAF Lua language
  • Better naming of T3 Mobile Anti Air (MAA) unit folders
  • Small refactoring with regard to taunts
  • Add textures for map generator


  • Jip
  • Keyser
  • Uveso
  • speed2
  • KionX
  • Sheikah
  • KeyBlue
  • Relent0r
  • Dragun
  • Askaholic (added after the fact)
  • Madmax (added after the fact)
  • Tagada
  • FemtoZetta
  • Azraeelian Angel (added after the fact)
  • Rowey
  • Azraeelian Angel (added after the fact)
  • Divran
  • Timocov
  • Melanol
  • Benzi-Junior
  • slinkingant
  • WhenDayBreaks (added after the fact)
  • Snagglefox (added after the fact)

Patch 3722 (19 September, 2021)


  • Updated balance patchnotes link


  • Fixed featured mod not working


  • Optimize default explosion (on accident)


  • Support for custom UI icons (see this post)
  • Allowed custom vault path


  • Jip
  • KionX
  • keyser

Patch 3723 (19 September, 2021)


  • Fixed some wrecks (colossus / ythotha) not spawning due to a typo


  • Jip
  • keyser

Patch 3724 (04th October, 2021)


  • (#3450) An alternative approach to loading in custom strategic icons (see this post)
  • (#3458) Fix UEF Triad and UEF Destroyer projectile on impact animation


  • (#3442) Fix scathis packing animation time
  • (#3439) Fix Cybran drone visibility for other players than the owner
  • (#3450) Fix UI textures being overridden by mods that are not enabled
  • (#3457) Fix Cybran drone being interactable and other small issues (with thanks to Archsimkat)
  • (#3453) Fix units being gifted to the same player causing a soft-crash for the shared army mod (co-op campaign)
  • (#3468) Revert changes to sending the results of games
  • (#3471) Fix overcharge mouse indicator to use the right damage calculations


  • (#3436) Prevent fetching blueprints for potential entities with no blueprints
  • (#3449) Fix significant hard-crash potential that patch 3721 introduced (with thanks to all the debugger reports)
  • (#3460) Fix potential soft-crash when gifting units upon death (with thanks to FemtoZetta)
  • (#3467) Add SCD support for large icon sets (with thanks to Deribus)
  • (#3472) Revert changes to some projectiles that caused them to crash for mods (with thanks to DDDX)


  • (#3385) Add support for custom game options being set by the server (for 3v3 / 4v4 TMM)


  • Jip (#3442, #3439, #3449, #3458, #3457, #3460, #3450, #3467, #3468, #3471)
  • KionX (#3449)
  • Crotalus (#3436)
  • Balthazar (#3450)
  • speed2 (#3453)
  • Askaholic (#3385)
  • BlackYps (#3385)
  • keyser (#3472)

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

How much faster does the game run now in an avrg szeario?

That is hard to say - if there are many Cybrans in-game then you can expect a very noticeable improvement because of the drones being 3x - 4x as cheap (50 hives are now ~2ms instead of 8ms / tick (100 ms per tick)).

There's a lot of other small changes that are hard to quantify - such as the HQ system being a lot more performant - but overall the game should be smoother and have less stuttering. For a complete list of current and future changes with regard to performance, see this topic.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Besides the performance improvements,

Added feature : preselection of mex when selection engineer and hovering the cursor over a mass spot

^That is probably my favorite new thing. Good job whoever thought of that.

And good job to everyone who worked on the update!

There is a known issue with some of the featured mods (nomads, phantoms) not working. We're looking into it.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

There has been a hotfix, see the original post for more information. The custom ui icons (for units) are now properly supported on a per-ui mod level and the featured mods work again 🙂 .

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

We noticed that we missed a few contributors in the original list. If you should be on that list and we forgot about you - just contact me and I'll fix it.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

An error got through with the PR that got added accidentally to the main branch. You can read about it in this pull request. It will be fixed soon.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

There has been a 3rd hotfix: this should be final. It fixes some of the explosion effects and fixes the bug for some wrecks not spawning due to a typo.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Czar no longer has omni - unless that is some coop bug

  • Ye sorry my bad

I don't think CZAR ever had omni - @Tagada correct me if I am wrong

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

czar doesn't have omni.
also it's only the second hotfix 😉

Almost a third though! A change with the Scathis slipped in - its packing and unpacking animation is 10x as slow as it should be. I was experimenting with a new animation. Quite literally my mistake 🙂 .

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

This post is deleted!

Fantastic work everyone! What a huge patch!

It broke for me since I launched a 1v1 match while the game appeared to be updating in the background and so now I'm trying to figure out how to fix that haha, but I'm looking forward to trying it 🙂 (env) (units) (textures)

Pretty suspicious links to randomly download but here are the three biggest files from the game patch for Americans taking 2 hours to download the patch.

The other stuff is like 10 MB total so I didn't bother (

You need to download and paste it into your ProgramData/FAForever/gamedata folder (this is not where your stream forged alliance is located).

It should shave off the vast majority of the download waiting at least. Also these links only work for 7 days.

Advanced strategic icons does not worke properly since this patch.

To be precise, this only seems to affect the symbols for energy and Mass. So the overlay is not working for the following structures:

  • T1/T2/T3 Mex.
  • T1/T2/T3 Pgen
  • Hydrocarbon Power Plant
  • Energy Storage
  • T2/T3 Mass Fabricator

I would really like to be able to continue using the overlay as it seems much clearer to me.

Can someone tell me if this can be fixed again?

We've been hearing about this - we'll look into it. Thank you for reporting it to us and determine what structures are affected.

edit: @Strife If you're interested, you can help out here.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

good job

Looks really good! I hope to have some actual test experience in the coming days but as of yesterday nearly 3 hours elapsed and the download still did not finish for me.