$735 2021 Fall Invitational


@wolfsaw I wouldn't be opposed xD

I suppose last place would be whomever wins the least games overall, with ties going to Group D, C, B, then A.


You would pay 3 dollars in transfer fees to give a dude a penny.


@ftxcommando It's about sending a message.


@swkoll noted, 4*0.01 ( incase of tie ) and $5


and sent xD


Thanks 😄 Although, because there's 4 $.01 prizes, I'm only going to pay out the $.01 prizes if the player has a US-based or other no fee paypal.


Need to update the title to $735.04


Nice, looks like as a member of group D I am in solid contention for the Wooden Spoon Award.



Welcome to the playoffs for the 2021 Fall Invitational! The top 8 (+/- 1) FAF players have made it to the final stage of the tournament where they will compete for the lion's share of the $735 prize pool, including a $310 1st place prize!

Playoffs Predictions:
For the first time, spectators can win a fancy avatar by correctly predicting the bracket on challonge!

clairvoyant avatar
Just go to https://challonge.com/wyh9oheb and click "create a prediction" and fill out your predictions for the bracket. Be sure to put your FAF name and 3rd place prediction in the Prediction title! See example:

Notes: You don't need to use a real email for challonge, FAF nor myself are going to store/use it for anything. The "TURBO2" field is a stand in for whomever wins the TURBO2 vs archsimkat tiebreaker.

Playoffs Schedule:

Saturday 13 UTC - TURBO vs archsimkat, sudden death tiebreaker
Saturday 14 UTC - Round of 8 starts, Semi-Finals to follow
Sunday 14 UTC - Bronze match starts, Finals to follow

Semi final players should wait for casters before beginning. All games are BO5 except finals which are BO7 and the sudden death tiebreaker which is BO1. Players have 3 vetoes each and use the same faction and map pick rules from group stage.

Date: October 30th-31st
Start Time: 14:00 UTC
Chat: /join #fall
Challonge: https://challonge.com/wyh9oheb
Stream: twitch.tv/faflive
Tournament Directors: Swkoll and HintHunter


5x5 Mapgen
7.5x7.5 Mapgen
Stickleback Ridge

10x10 Mapgen
Daroza's Sanctuary
Open Palms
Twin Rivers

15x15 Mapgen
20x20 Mapgen
Bermuda Locket - FAF version
Roanoke Abyss
The Ditch - FAF version



I believe in Turin and ZLO 💖


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@femboy The goal is to get as many correct as you can, not incorrect.


if i fail fast maybe i get correct prediction as a сonsolation prize

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let's go

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:


@zlo The real big brain move is to predict your own loss to hedge your bets.


Final Tagada vs Adjux


Congratulations to Tagada for winning the 2021 Fall Invitational in a decisive 4-0 series over second place Espiranto-! And congratulations to Nexus for winning the Bronze match 3-0 over Adjux!

Congrats to Nuggets, the only player to successfully predict the entire playoff bracket on challonge!

Thanks to all 32 players who participated and the hundreds of viewers who tuned in on twitch.tv/faflive!

Thanks as well to:

The Tournament Directors who helped make this event possible: HintHunter, f1lthycasual, and Morax.

The Tournament Donators who helped make this the biggest ever prizepool for a seasonal invitational: Morax, Lord Voldemort, archsimkat, Yudi, and WolfSAW.

My co-casters on twitch.tv/faflive: archsimkat and farms.

And finally to, Rowey, Fury, Javi and the entire promo team for helping promote this event on the FAF youtube channel and elsewhere.

Final Results:
1st - Tagada
2nd - Espiranto-
3rd - Nexus
4th - Adjux
5-8th - TURBO2
5-8th - Turin
5-8th - Paralon
5-8th - ZLO
9-11th - Tex
9-11th - Petric
9-11th - Archsimkat
12-16th - Blackheart
12-16th - JaggedAppliance
12-16th - BlinChik
12-16th - WoundedElkNoob
12-16th - BlastChilled

1st and 4th place should contact Brutus for their prize money, all other players should contact me for payout.


Almost forgot to post the map submissions for the playoffs:

Paralon crazyrush
espi daroza's
tagada the ditch
turin bermuda locket
adjux hardffa
zlo roanoke
nexus arcane