Tower Defence mode?

Hi, is there any maps or co-op that are essentially tower defence? Build up your defences and units to defeat the onslaught of waves of AI?


The majority of survival maps are like that. Waves of death is a fun one where you control when the waves start in competition with other people. Lots of others but I am blanking on names right now and not on a pc that I can check on some of the more popular ones, but you can just search through the map vault with key words like "survival." There are a lot

Also, any map with the word "wave" in the name is likely to be a tower defense-type map. Also maps with the word "tower" in the name.

If you want to know what people are actually playing (instead of just pulling random maps out of the vault that maybe no one plays) you can search the replay vault for recent games. you can search by map name. So if you look for recent games with a map that has the word "survival" in its name, you should find some maps.

One easy way to download the maps is just to click to watch the replay. That will download the map for you. And you can see what the people did in that particular match, so you will get an idea if that map has the kind of gameplay you want.

Thanks, will give that a go? Are they mainly multiplayer or are there solo versions?

Both, the vast majority can be played with multiple people but also work just fine with one person. Many of the ones that have lanes per player will only send units down lanes with an active player so you can play them solo if you want. Others you might have to tune the difficulty settings depending on the number of players.

also dont forget the survival run map i made with a moving defense object

Theese maps are not classical tower defence though. It would be interesting to have one with infinite build range, static towers, e.t.c. like old flash games

It is all possible - it is just that nobody did it before like that.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

There is an infinite build range mod on FAF's vault. You could use that mod on one of those survival wave maps and limit yourself to only building certain types of things. But, if you want those limitations to actually be coded into a map or a mod, you might want to create a forum suggestion thread describing what you think should be made in detail.

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