Why so gay thing exist?

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1 Novax makes Yolona Oss useless.

well that is false. It's true only if you kill the missile with the lazer, but this is bannable.


Is It happens sometimes? Yes.
is this one of the reasons for the unpopularity of yolona? Yes.

@myEmperor I don't see the logic. If someone does it, you report him. Fast enough will stop doing that (if you still see it happen). So that won't be a reason for unpopularity of yolona.

Maybe building a prison will vanish criminal activity fast enough 🙂

Anyway free nuke-killing is not the main activity. And not the main problem. Just a nice bonus.

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Would our game really be worse without this unit?


😥 😥 😥

I not mean to delete.

Why not make it cost like t3 arty? (+-)
This thing remains useful, but not so offensively to suffer from expensive weapons.

In the end, the havok will still remain:
half dps of t3 arty + 100% accuracy + omni + radar

It is a UEF investment into a tool that can see stuff where radar does not, similar to the Aeon eye thingy and Cybrain soothsayer...
More often you need 3 to 4 to even make a plausible dent into enemy shields (that can be easily assisted to recharge them as well)
The only thing "I" find Novax useful is for killing enemy navy (killing cruzers to clear the way for torps) and killing wondering units/denying advancement. Where i think it fits with what UEF wants to do anyway.
Tho me thinks its is just a tool to provoke enemy to attack rather then having them waiting for you to make a move.
It is cheap but it is also weak, in most games you dont even want to build more then one.

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You don’t use novax to kill shielded targets. You use it to either force shields on exterior eco or slowly tickle it to death.

If it cost as much as a t3 arty it would never be built in any scenario really. It’s decent enough where it is now. Takes like 6-8 minutes for it to pay off once built when factoring in travel time.

@HintHunter 2 "weak" Novaks do the same dps as t3 arty. With 100% accuracy!!! (arty hits ~ 2/10 shots at single unit)
For the same price!!

What u mean weak?

It can do the same job as arty + a lot more!
kill cruisers, single targets, mexes, acu snipe, t4 snipe.

Thats how t3 arty works: 10 shots duke. He can shoot wrong shield, even not into base!
And again: 2 novax costs as 1 t3 arty. 2 novax dps = 1 t3 arty dps.
You have much more for the same price!!

People DO build 3-4-5 Novax and kill even base shields (yes u can assist, micro and all that)

Same price as t3 arty maybe too much. You right. You can suggest another

At present Novax costs 36k mass/44k building.
While colossus: 27.5k/51.5k
Fatboy: 28k/47.5k
Duke: 72k/115k

This price underestimates Novax's effectiveness too much.

really doesn’t tbh

I need to kill 8 t3 mex to get efficient utility out of my novax, that pretty much never happens. Chances are if you are getting boned by a novax the dude using it could have crushed you way quicker with the 40k mass he dumped into a t4 that takes forever to pay off.

@myEmperor there are much scarier things that can be built with that much mass, including nuke launchers.

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@myEmperor said in Why so gay thing exist?:

Would our game really be worse without this unit?


Okay, what niche does it fill?

One-word answers do nothing except let us know you value your opinion more than your ability to back it.

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Tho that gave me an idea...

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@FtXCommando T4? Do you mean 1.3 colossus? Depends on the map.
On seton (and other huge maps) even 3 colossus < 1 bloody Novax. In the same time t3 arty have not enough range!!

Show me a replay of novax being the deciding factor in a game.

@FtXCommando Nancyboy and IRIS seem to make it work on sentons pretty alright, but they have a very manicured build for it.

If you mean NancyboyK then he's utter trash just like his opponents. So sorry but he won't make a good case of novax being overpowered.
IRIS? No clue, can't find anyone like that. But most likely same story.

@Khada_Jhin I think looking at how a unit is used in an individual game might be more meaningful than saying "This player is trash; therefore, no game they play will ever be used as an example."

I feel similar about Novax than I do about t3 arty:

  • It's annoying to shield everything
  • If my opponent spent that much mass, I should probably have something to counter it

...except Novax costs half as much as t3 arty. IMO that's the annoying/potentially OP part.

If it were the same cost it would just be an accurate T3 arty that looks different/shoots from space instead of the ground. But it costs half as much. So it's... an early, less powerful t3 arty with pinpoint accuracy?