How about some buffs?

  1. Get rid of stupid gimmicks, increase cost & damage, make the damage 10+ second DoT instead of instant.
  2. I can't believe we live in times where Titans are stronger than Loyas and Bricks are stronger than Percies.

Idk why beetles are compared to mercies since they have an entirely different role right now. They are underused for sure, but i still think its simply because people do not how to use them because theyre trying to use them like the old beetle.


@thewheelie How do you use them. I only hear people are using them wrong?


You mainly use them against armies. Then as raiding potential u can go for storaged mexes and clumps of engies, or t2 fabs if its late. Csn also go for reclaim patches. Big upside is that they dont leave behind reclaim so you literally cant donate mass in a raiding attempt.

Whats important to note for teamgame players is that acus and pds hardcounter them which results in them often not working on 10km maps with 8+ players


Regarding the Loyalist ability that needs buffs--please make the Tactical Missile hacking execute quicker and with longer range, I know it looks kind of cool to see the laser sloooowly stop the missile, turn it around, and then slowly accelerate it again, but against missile spam the Loyalists do not scale at all. It's much too short range for lots of Loyalists to deal with, say, cruiser missiles all raining down on a pinpoint area.


@zeldafanboy The point of the unit isn't to be TMD though. If you're just building loyalists to deal with missile spam from cruisers by sitting them there as TMD you're probably using them wrong. Loyalists possibly have other issues, but their missile redirection isn't one of them imo.


IMO, the UEF commander's drones should be replaced with an upgrade that massively increases its build power AND the upgrade should be on one of the arm slots so it can be paired with the teleporter. That'd give the UEF commander some opportunities for tele (cuz cmon, when was the last time you saw someone go for personal teleporter as UEF?)

As for the loyalists, I don't think their ability needs to be deleted. I agree that they need a buff tho. Maybe increase their speed and range to make them more kitey and microable?

Absolutely agree on the atlantis. Any kinda buff would be a good buff for it. Just give it more torps and AA or somethin!

  1. Mobile bombs have EMP when manually detonated which stuns for about one second. Perhaps the stun duration could be increased, or the stun changed to trigger automatically when the unit dies?
  2. The manual ability of loyalists is unused as it involves stopping firing, killing the unit, dealing no damage and requiring micro. All bad points. Alter the ability to have a cooldown, not kill the unit, be manually triggerable, not increase unit speed or stop it from firing and reduce stun time for manual detonation. This will encourage loyalists to run into the middle of enemy formations, manually stun things around them for a short while, then stun stuff again when they die for another short while. Benefits include aggressive gameplay, utilization of their innate on-death ability and makes their shorter-than-titan range seem like less of a disadvantage.

Oh yea. Titans are super busted. They fight better at range than loyalists, have 800 extra hp of which 700 regenerates and have the same movement speed.
Increase loyalist base movement speed so they actually can compete.