Upon using any of the following, you may be warned once; the second time is a ban from faf for a month; third is for 6 months; Final will be a ban from FAF, indefinitely.
You can appeal these.

This also includes any cheating involving changing rating. Examples include having friends donate rating, multiple accounts to donate rating, etc.

New exploits can and will be added without any prior notice.

Banned exploits:

  • Offmapping in order to hide units in any way.
  • Using terraforming intentionally to block units/mess with pathfinding, also flattening an obstacle to allow units through is not allowed.

  • Using unit interactions to abuse pathfinding e.g moving a unit up or down a cliff, similar to terraforming

  • Blocking or causing the game to slowdown or lag on purpose.

  • Uploading or using a blatant "cheat" map (ie. with tons of wrecks on only one side of the map)

  • Using any modifications to see through the fog of war

  • The bug that allows rebuilding of units that were in production at a cheaper cost.

  • Walking with ACU while upgrading. On purpose, that is. Walking with ACU/Engies and building would fall under this if anyone figures out how to do it.

  • Making invincible units.

  • Causing drops to die by building underneath.

  • Making units regenerate life/shields without a mechanic i.e natural health regen or veterancy

  • Anything else that is breaking the game in some fashion.

  • Glitching to get a Hover ACU.

  • Giving bases to avoid damage by enemy ythotha storm.

  • Any bug that creates mass and energy out of nothing.

  • Creating structures within structures, or their footprint. Adjacent to mex issues are not included in this, as it's an unintended consequence of another change, hopefully fixed soon.

  • Pausing to try and gain some advantage i.e dodging snipes.

  • Don't host rated FFA or rated X v Y games, (uneven games)

  • Don't play on multiple accounts in the same game.

  • Using any script to alter information shown to the lobby/client or game

  • Using a mod (or any other way) on a map with random spawns that shows exactly which player has which start point and faction.

  • Using ctrl+K to avoid taking damage on the unit wreck.

  • Intentionally transferring unit control to allies to mess with enemy unit orders, targeting and/or recharge rates.

  • Using Novax (satellite) to destroy nukes on top of the nuke launcher

If it's not here, report it. Send a pm to moderation team with a description and a replay.

Please report instances of these exploits via our report form here or contact a moderator.