The reason why Cybran is weak on land.


I would use the mobile stealth fields. They are hard to counter when a t3 radar is unavailable as it requires constant scouting.


Brick rush is the new harb rush. Just skip the bad units and go straight to the good ones. Or just spam mantis, i heard it's pretty great.


With cybran your weakness is the lack of of mid game rambo ACU so don't fight ACU vs ACU. In 1vs1 once you get ahead which you should as cybran during t1 stage you can pick your fights and you should fight where enemy acu isn't. You can use your high speed t1 units and decent speed t2 units as well as stealth. Your t2 air also allows you to threaten enemy acu with Corsairs so he would need to wait for quite a few flaks and shields before he can go all rambo and push through mid. Also once again, medusa are good, really good vs units once you hit mid game, they are borderline broken on some maps.


@auricocorico I expected you to say something like "sad Aeon noises"

I was under the impression that Aeon T2 land was notably meh and that you would point this out.


Aeon t2 land is good, they got a mobile shield


One other thing I forgot to mention is that the arty damage is also relevant to damage against the com.
So how about the t2 cerb turret? For it to be as mass efficient in damage as a sera pd, it would cost 350 mass down from 480. Thats a massive difference! The com weakness combined with this can make it hard to stop a 2t guncom from another faction.

Note: I used the dps listed in the unit section of the client.


Aeon T2 land was garbage few years ago ( aeons ago ... :D) but now i'd argue it's about 2nd best behind UEF. Cybran feels last for all reasons said above.

This being said, cybran t2 unit are not "trash" and unusable, they are just slighly worse.

Yea, if you play braindead into your faction's weaknesses, you might lose. Just don't build cerberus turrets in order to "counter" the ennemy UEF player making triads. Don't try to 1v1 head first a gun+nano or a chrono ACU at the t2 stage. Just play around your strenght, and be smart (hey isn't it the theme of cybran ?).


I still don't understand how I am then supposed to stop said com from pushing into a base and taking it. I could try and mirror that damage on his side of the map, but sometimes it is not viable to do so. Playing around your strengths and being smart is needed for any faction, not just Cybran.

Regarding Aeon, maybe I will try out the faction a bit. I think I played like 2 games with it in the past.


If your getting pd creeped with triads, use mml

If it's a gun com, use tickle guns

It's rock paper scissors, not Rick crushes all


You stop it by not getting into that position in the first place. What you’re saying is a line of thinking myself and most other people fall into, not just in FAF but in general. You’re in a situation and it feels bad because you can’t counter or deal with that situation well. You think “well if this is happening, how do I counter it?” Your mistake happened before that situation started. What you should be asking is “how can I not get into this situation in the first place.” That’s not helpful for when you’re already in that position, but it’s helpful for not getting in that position in the first place in the future.

So how do you avoid another faction doing a gun com or pd creep into your base as Cybran? Well PD creep has an easy and direct counter, especially as Cybran. Make MML. Cybran MMLs are hard to counter for any faction other than Aeon because the missiles split after being hit once.

The gun com one is more interesting because it goes back to my previous point about avoiding the situation in the first place. If you’re constantly raiding and destabilizing your opponent it’s going to be much harder for them to amass a large enough force for them to feel comfortable pushing you hard. You can constantly hold the threat of Corsair snipe over them keeping them from wanting to push in too far with their com. Force them to leave their com more exposed with stealth raids using a mobile stealth field, a rhino or two, and a couple Medusas. They have to move either their com or some units to intercept or you can do a lot of dmg if you handle those raiding groups well. Either way it slows them down and keeps them on the defensive, which is fundamentally what you want as any faction, but especially as Cybran. As Cybran you also have the best tools to do that with. Stealth, fast t1 tanks, and good anti unit t1 arty is a nice combo for raiding at virtually all stages of the game.