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1v1 on Loki. I dominated the map but still produced less mass and ultimately lost the game.

If anyone would be so kind as to tell me where they think I went wrong, I would value the input. I can guess, and I have a few ideas. But I bet more experienced players can help if they would like to...

You had map control but no/barely any t2 mexes. Your opponent made t3 mexes. This is why you evened out in mass production.
Your mass production should be more efficient however, since t1 mass extractors are way more efficient (cost only 36 mass, produce 2. t3 mex + storage costs 6336 in total, produces 27).
This means you SHOULD have more mass to work with for either outscaling your opponent in eco or outproducing him in units.

But this wasn't the case because of the inane amount of mass you spent on t1 pgens. At minute 23 you are overflowing 3000 power on 74 mass income and still building many more t2 pgens. You also built a bunch of t1 units that had no chance of breaking through. These two things were a huge waste of mass.

If you're in a position where you control the entire map, you don't have much reason to try and go for more. Sitting back, ecoing up until your opponent has no chance of coming back (extreme example: 500 mass income vs 100) will give you a guaranteed win provided you spend the mass well.

in the end you tried building a monkeylord but you didn't have the mass for it. try going for a smoother transition between t1, t2, t3 and eventually t4.

P.S. don't ring t1 mexes with mass storages, you should only do it when the mex is t2

All great advice - thanks.

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You might be interested in the guide I wrote to 1v1s. Chapter 3 has strategies you can use against a "turtle" (someone who doesn't do much outside their base for most of the match)

Wow. You weren't kidding when you said it might be helpful. An enjoyable, well-written serious of posts, too.