Seraphin and faction diferences

So, i´ve been playing with seraphin cause i heard on youtube that their shields are the best in the game is this tier list acurate?:
1 - seraph
2 - aeon
3- UEF
4- Cybran

vs tech 3 arty and novax do i spam only tech 3? ive seen people on youtube say that a mix between 2 and 3 is the best, true?

I´ve noticed that the T3 siege tanks attack range is very bad. Versus experimental im better with Sniper bots?

Also, what tech 3 arty is the best vs heavy shielded base?

Also, tech 3 seraphim anti-air seems to be the best, insta lightning on plane is beutifull and seems OP

I believe that list is accurate.

Spam a mix so you can upgrade t2 shields to t3 to instantly turn the shield back on. Also the mix can help to create shield overlaps on the structure(s) you’re defending.

You didn’t ask this but the way you defend against a Mavor is by assisting a single t3 Sera or Aeon shield with a ton of build power. Like ~40 t3 engineers or fully upgraded hives. This will never drop vs a Mavor that’s ringed with t3 pgens as long as you don’t stall either mass or energy. This does play into how you defend against t3 arty and Novax as well, shield assisting is a very strong mechanic.

If you micro the snipers they’re very good if you’ve got room to kite back. If you don’t have room to kite then they’re bad unless you made what is probably far too many of them.

No clue on the last one. I think I remember t3 arties being changed to be more similar between factions so there might not be a huge difference there anymore. Not positive though, it’s extremely rare I make t3 arty.

There is two arguments with sheilds, one is hp and the other is cost, on a cost/hp scale the list is reversed.

T2 sheilds come up quicker, you can also do sheilds micro and turn off sheilds so they don't get splash damage then turn them on when others turn off from damage, takes alot of work but works the best.

Best to counter experimental with what they are weak at, if no t3maa use air,big it's a air use asf, etc

@veteranashe said in Seraphin and faction diferences:

on a cost/hp scale the list is reversed.

That's not true. For example Aeon has the second highest shield hp, and they also have the lowest cost/shield hp.

size of shields also matter

@femtozetta I didn't want to look it up to be completely correct, see has worst cost/hp and I thought cybran has best?

@veteranashe said in Seraphin and faction diferences:

I didn't want to look it up to be completely correct, see has worst cost/hp and I thought cybran has best?

Cybran has the worst cost/hp on the shields that are comparable to the other faction's T2 and T3, and Sera has the second best.

Cybran is at the top of the list you posted

Really, that's your takeaway from the list? How about the other 4 versions of the shield that are all worse than Aeon/Sera, and where the highest version for each tier is the worst overall?

Sera has the best shields outright.
Out of the others, it depends on how much you value aoe, construction cost, assist cost, and shield strength. I'd put UEF as 2nd, with Cybran and Aeon fighting it out for last place; in the context of defending against a T3 arti I'd rather be Cybran than Aeon.

ED1 is the absolute king. I wish it would cost less buildtime though.