Mods with additional Units?

Hey there,

my friend and me love to play the Total Mayham mod, because of the variety of units...the Problem is, that this Mod crashes our game very often...For that Reason we are looking for another nice mod with many additional Units like Point Defences, Tanks and experimental units.

We tried a Mod named "BrewLAN", but it didnt change anything in our Game...Are there Additional Settings to get it running?


You could try Blackops, or Marlo's Mod pack 🙂 !

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Please make clear that you are (hopefully) still testing if Total Mayhem is the cause.
I know it might be look as it is TM since you disabled it and its no longer crashing, but you are using
many other mods than could interfere with Total Mayhem.

You can find Black ops and other unit Mods patched for FAF here:

All mods there (also Total mayhem) are tested and not crashing
(at least i did not got any crash report in the last 2 years)

You should also try the Future Battle pack:
(Its still in development)

And if you start the game over the FAF client, try out the NOMADS mod/faction