[MOD] PJ Infrastructure Pack for play with AIx


@Uveso Thank you for your help and guidance. I think this could be closed.


@foxy_pj ,

you are welcome.


After many month modding and testing, public release date arrived.

Mod description:
AI Upgradeable T2 & T3 E/M-Storage, T2+ & T3+ PGens, T2 & T3 & Exp HC Plant, T3+ MEX & T4 Shields
This mean that all pleyers will get more resources including AI. Base siege will be more dificalt and each resource building will be more valuable but more protected.
I recommend to play against AIx with BlackOps mod (fully compatible).

Mod details:
All below is AI upgrageble.
T2 Power Gen are upgradeble to T2+ shielded Power Gen with x2 output.
T3 Power Gen are upgradeble to T3+ shielded Power Gen with x2 output.
T1 Energy storage upgradable to T2 and then to T3 (proper balansed).
T1 Mass storage upgradable to T2 and then to T3 (proper balansed).
T1 HC plant upgradable to T2 shielded and then to T3 shielded and than to Exp shielded.
T3 MEX upgradable to T3+ shielded with bit biger output (proper balansed).
T3 shields upgradable to Exp shields with unique features for each nation.

Download: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/10llGCG54_Ps0z5ZzRtPIoWADJbDg0ULJ/view?usp=sharing](link url)

Please note, all units based on original game assets.

Big thank you to Uveso and whole modding community

Kind regards


hey pj i love this mod thanks for taking the time to create it and debug it.

Any chance in the future of an alternate version with added t3 eng stations ? this would make it a great mod for survival games ^ ^, as the current t3 eng stations mods break the blackops unit icons.


Hi @Shamble.
I'm not planing to add T3 eng stations at this moment. There is new mod released tody in mod vault "AutoReclaim". It is bit buggy (autor need to fix few things) and AI not using this units, but it is working.


I assume you mean "AutoReclaim (splitice)" which is mine.

It's based off dwm's variant. I mainly set out to fix the performance (it was horrible late-game).

I've observed AIs using it (it's the T1 kenel) at-least for Cybran and UEF. Although probably not upgrading it.

Any fixes you want to contribute (now that you understand the upgrading logic are welcome and can be contributed).


@splitice Do you have permission from original author of this mod? As if you don't, FAF rules are against editing work of other authors without permission.
I can see it has been removed from vault. Reason could be above.



News to me.

The dwm variant has been removed too, leaving only the original unmaintained in 7 years version. Don't you just love it when good content is removed for pointless reasons?

Before anyone asks, no I don't have a backup copy of dwm's version of the mod and since mines (supposedly?) against the rules I'll just say PM me for a copy.

FYI to any staff the rules links a 404 (https://forum.faforever.com/topic/607/faf-mod-vault-rules-regulations) so anyone confirming they have read the linked rules is confirming they have read a page not found error.

It is funny to me considering that:

  1. 4 of the 15 most recent mods are modifications
  2. my mod is an improvement of an existing modification (dwm) for the existing modification by Mavr390 (published 8 years ago) and thats largely a copy of the Supcom lua files with a few additional lines of logic (claim copywrite on that? ha)

It's what mods are, modifications.

Anyway doesnt matter me, it was for the communities benefit I uploaded. I don't need to, and now I won't.


Just as an FYI the link in the client is correct in the most up to date client version 2021.12.0 and the rules can be found here https://wiki.faforever.com/en/Vault-Rules


AFAIK auto reclaim mods have always been against faf rules .

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock


Hi @splitice
It wasn't me who removed this mod. I really like improvement what you did.
I'm agree with you on everything what you said. SC moding community released many great mods but many of them are not usable (lost to players) as original authors are not updating them for whatever reason (personal life, no longer playing, etc). And on many cases there are not possible to contact them.
This is a shame that modder who can improve/update/maintaine old mods, can't do this without prmission of original author as it is against rules. Becouse of this many great mods are lost to comunity (author can't be contacted). Maybe some compromise needed?
On other hand, i can understand copywrite part and why it is done. It should be a really valid reason for that.
But still it is a shame that many great mods has been lost becouse of this.


@foxy_pj aware. Gripe directed at whomever involved, not you sorry if that was unclear.

Not exacty against rules explicitly or how copyright or takedown works (e.g us supreme court finding re; right to modify software). But hey nothing I can do about it other than not upload content to the vault.

If faf staff were concerned about legality they would look into the legal models used by similar services e.g:

  • github
  • fanfiction (e.g otw)
  • other moddb sites all of which deal with derivative works (most of the mods in the vault would be infringing on GPG if not for that supreme court finding)
  • or; even force appropriate licencing

This is kind of off topic for this thread (sorry), so I'll leave it here.