Game crash on rehost with same settings



I viewed you game log and it looks like you are using a very old version of XtremWars.
And there where many unit an AI errors inside the log.

Please download the latest XtremWars mod from here:
Start the normal FAF game and activate the mod inside the game (mod manager).

I also saw you where playing against 11 AIs.
If you like you could use my AI. Search for AI-Uveso under the same link i gave you for XtremWars
(you can install it like a normal mod)
My mod can handle all unit mods like XtremWars and Total Mayhem.
(It has also additional debug features to trace down AI errors.)


Thank you Uveso for your info and advice.
Surely I will try your mod.
I just installed FAF yesterday for the first time version 1.4.4 and i don't know what version was XtremWars, but in was just from FAF 1.4.4 installation.
Until now i have uninstalled default installation of FAF 1.4.4 and custom reinstalled 1.4.6 on partition where steam apps are and after 1 game everything is Ok.

PS: I played before with LOUD: BlackOps, Total Mayhem, Wyvern Battle Pack, they were great but after some time the game crashes. How many mods i can activate?


XtremWars and Experimentals Wars are not compatible.
All other mods on the page i linked above are working together.
They are all fixed for FAF and they all have AI support.


Still issues...
I tried a game with mods: AI-Uveso, BlackOps FAF: ACUs, BlackOps FAF: Unleashed, BlackOps FAF: EXUnits, Extreme Wars.
After 1h:43mins the game freeze-no units are moving, game menu is responsive, pause/resume didn't fix.
I tried to Exit to Windows button and screen is black, sound is on, but nothing happend, no error, no exception messages; if i switch to windows(Alt+Tab) and reenter game no error message; no log was generated; process ForgedAlliance CPU = 09%, MEM allocated = 1,1GB.
After i kill the process i receive error

java.lang.RuntimeException: Forged Alliance Crashed with exit code 1. See game_14617376.log for more information
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
at java.base/

I have attached a zip file with all info that i have
Logging file is big: 395MB, compressed 100KB but i cannot upload rar or zip file
MapInfo.jpg Issue_20210530-1356_Freeze.jpg GameInfo.jpg


Hello foreverandever,

well a freeze is hard to trace because it does not issue any errors in the log and you don't know what function is causing the freeze.

It would be nice if i could see the game.log.

Can you rename the .zip to .txt and upload it wit the new name ?
Or can you use to post the logfile ?


Hello Uveso,

This is the compressed winrar log file


Hi Uveso,
Another game crash,sadly 😞
No game finished without freezing for FAF 1.4.6. 😞
What can i do?
Mods loaded: BlackOps FAF: ACUs, BlackOps FAF: Unleashed, BlackOps FAF: EXUnits, Total Mayhem.
It forces me to go back to vanilla.
I will try again FAF without any mods and see what's happend.


4.7 million lines of log. nice 🙂

Yes, please test the game without mods first.

You can leave my AI mod activated without hesitation. It's stable.

Its also providing an option for endless test games.
Set "DEBUG: Endless game loop" to "Endless play on".
After starting the game it will go to splitscreen and +10 sim speed.
On gameend it will post the gameresult to the game.log and restarts the game.
(Moho game log window can be opened with [F9] by default)

I did not found any errors in the log that could causes gamecrashes.
But i saw many AI and some other errors caused from the mods.
We should fix that after you have a stable base game.

Do me a favor when you test the game start the FAF Dev version of the game.
I play always with the Dev version and know the actual version is stable.


Thank you @Uveso for your fast answer and for the good info.
How to start FAF Dev version?