Makes me sick

Two nights in a row in in a "all welcome" lobby when a double zero joins the lobby, then gets kicked, that should be banable

When I join an all welcome lobby and the host kicks a random grey I usually start arguing with the host. At some point they will at least not call their lobby all welcome again.

I have the reverse problem - I host all welcome, a grey joins, and sometimes the other players get worked up when I refuse to kick them.

One thing that would be nice though is if game quality went off the displayed score, and not the precise ranking estimated when you hover over - i.e. a rank 0 is considered equivalent to a rank 1500 at the moment, meaning 3 rank zeros with say <10 games each are supposedly significantly better than 3 rank 1000s with 1000+ games. This means that you can't opti-balance with new players (at least you can, but you end up with horribly unbalanced games).

Would it be possible to have a host option to hide the grey color and games played?

Doesn't help when you're still grey because you only play Ladder... I have 150ish ladder games, played one of my first lobby games last night and had to explain to host I just don't play custom lobbies. Surely ladder rating should un-grey you in global?

I've had this problem too. I'm told I'm either pro or not pro enough. Yet I find the lobby names named after male private parts and gender orientation towards men loving men most annoying, players should keep sex out of supreme commander hosted game names and not host maps that depict penises.

Everyone has had this problem. It's because everyone when starting is grey. And it's a small community, high likelihood of smurfs and general rts autism. It's a systemic problem, it's inherent, just get used to it. It weeds out the softcore casuals and that's what shapes people into faffers. Just embrace it.

@valki said in Makes me sick:

Would it be possible to have a host option to hide the grey color and games played?

I think that is a good idea. You can still use auto-teams to at least try to balance it even without knowing any ratings. And Auto-Teams could maybe use TMM ratings to help with low player number games.

Formula for how auto-teams could interpolate rating:

// num_x := number of games in mode x
// mean_x, deviation_x := mean and deviation of players rating in mode x
// custom_multi := multiplier between 1 and inf, gives custom game values more weight than TMM if higher than 1

If (num_custom <= 15) {
  num_custom = num_custom * custom_multi
  num_1v1 = Max(num_1v1, 15)
  num_2v2 = Max(num_2v2, 15)
  num_total = num_custom + num_1v1  + num_2v2
  weight_custom = num_custom / num_total
  weight_1v1 = num_1v1 / num_total
  weight_2v2 = num_2v2 / num_total
  mean_rating = (weight_custom * mean_custom) + (weight_1v1 * mean_1v1) + (weight_2v2 * `mean_2v2)
  // We could also adjust deviation:
  deviation = (weight_custom * deviation_custom) + (weight_1v1 * deviation_1v1) + (weight_2v2 * deviation_2v2)

Just have a matchmaker queue that gives global rating and also has very basic teamgame maps, solves the whole issue.

I have a feeling that adjusting auto-teams forumular could be done faster and easier (depends how hard it is to get access to all TMM ratings in lobby). But we might want to have global rating TMM queue in the long run too, yes.

Considering there has been a pr for the auto teams function change for a while I am not too sure. It is a race to see which gets done faster, the new matchmaking algorithm or the auto teams

Couldnt we use that kind of interpolation formular to also fix rating reset problems for any TMM queue?
It would be slightly harder becasue we would have to marry it with the current interpolation that just lowers the mean based on number of games played.

@sheikah nobody is working on auto team, so TMM is most likely being done before.

Let me summarize:

Join FAF development today! Help improving the lobby, TMM or a ton of other stuff!

It shouldn't be too difficult to create a sort of "transition queue" that could just use 1v1 for now and operate with some preset basic 5x5/10x10 pool for new players to get their first 10 or so global games. Even if it may eventually better be served as a 4v4 queue or something like that.

@harzer99 I tell the host not so all welcome now then leave the lobby