Game Crashes (without Error Message)

Hey There!

my friend and I have the problem, that sometimes the Game stops after 20-40 Min.
In contrast to other players, we get absolutely no error Message...It simply stops...

We are still able to zoom in and out, but everything else is not working.

We have a few Popular Mods activated, for example "Total Mayham" and we already tried to reinstall them, but it still didnt work...

Is there Anything we could do about it?
Or is there any Mod which is Similar to Total Mayham? (i have the feeling that this mod causes the crashes, although it worked for a long time)



Hi. Pls always post the game log.
You find it here: burger menu top left corner in the client -> log folder->logs
pic the exact log of the game that caused troubles

@amygdala game_14382300.log game_14382262.log

These are the log Files which were created...(Seem to be 2 Files for one Game? both from Yesterday evening)


i added a file validator to total mayhem and your logs shows:

info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:450] - Running from: @c:\programdata\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\siminit.lua.
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:451] - Checking directory /mods/ for TotalMayhem...
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:458] - Found directory: /mods/totalmayhem/mod_info.lua.
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:463] - Check OK. Found 1 TotalMayhem directory.
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:467] - Checking files and filesize for TotalMayhem...
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:494] - Check OK! files: 2178, bytecount: 749995008.

The mod is in good health and all files are fine.

We call this error a DeathLoop. There is a function that is looping infinite through the same lines of code.
This causes a freeze inside the sim while you can still use the UI side of the game.
Its not triggering an error because there is no syntax error, its a logical runtime error.

This is also extremly hard to trace because there are no errors and you need to check every function that is running at this time.

The only thing you can do ist switching all mods off and then test mod by mod and hope its not a combination of mods.

@uveso We Cancelled the Total Mayham Mod and after that the game always works fine...Something seems to be broken in our Systems or with this mod. Its a Pity, such a nice Mod ;(


Please do me a favor and test Total Mayhem with no other mod.
Does it still freeze when you play it alone ?

I am just asking because i play Total Mayhem every day an never got a freeze.
When i develop my AI i also have Total Mayhem running.

Maybe its another mod that is hooking a function that also Total Mayhem hooks and those hooks are playing
ping pong and causing the freeze. (One hook is calling the other hook and back again)