Supcom Benchmark

A common question we get is "best PC components for FAF," and usually the advice is "anything made recently will be just fine." While I don't disagree with that sentiment, I thought it might be more informative and interesting to set up a spreadsheet that has the following information:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • RAM
  • FAF CPU score
  • Time to run a set replay at +10 speed
  • Date
  • Username (optional)

This would be done by each participant manually, and the information above would be sent in to me for me to add to the spreadsheet. There isn't any way I know of to verify anything, especially the times, but there also isn't any incentive to cheat.


i like the idea of this but you need to fine 1 replay that can be used as a benchmark which i would not class an easy job.

you also need to takein to considertaion if people re running cpu and GPu over cloks, thier a lot of facootor that could change the output

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I mean, it's been done more than few times, and there are benchmarks out there. It's just that no one really bothered to do anything with them. Not to mention that we are still using FAF cpu score which shows scores for 1st and second gen ryzens that are worse than they should be compared to older intel CPU's. If anything the CPU score is kinda pointless imo. Should rather show the SKU that person have.

That's yet more reason to add the FAF CPU score, to show it's drawbacks and lack of real information

the cpu benchmark is made by playing back snippets of a replay

Excellent idea. Some things:

  • Make sure that the replay runs generally at least two minutes in realtime, so that we can have a chance of seeing CPU throttling kicking in.
  • We should integrate it into the client eventually (maybe even gather hardware information automatically), the client would then produce a "text result" that people can just copy into the thread and that we can ask them to do when they create a "performance is bad" thread.
  • Is there some way for the game to calculate average FPS via a mod? Would be nice to get the full picture.

@Katharsas said in Supcom Benchmark:

  • Is there some way for the game to calculate average FPS via a mod? Would be nice to get the full picture.

You can install and activate my AI-Uveso mod, it has detailed information about the sim like memory using, wanted/reached Sim Speed, FPS and is printig it to the game log like this:

debug: Gametime: 00:19:00 --- Unit: 800 --- Platoon: 116 --- FPS: 55 --- Memory: 411.6M / 460.1M --- Speed: +10 / +4 --- SimSpeed: 135% ( 60 Game = 44 System Seconds )

debug:  Entity: 04819 --- Prop: 01135 --- CScriptObject: 17820 --- CTask: 08826 --- CTaskThread: 08308 --- CLuaTask: 00741 --- CDecalHandle: 05788 --- ReconBlip: 00803

There is actually a map that performs a performance test. Sounds perfect for this.

Icedreamer did better benchmark than this. Not only it's shorter but also shows the most taxing part of game, ASF fights.