What's a good CPU for FAF?

i have i5 8250u with 171 points. It looks like you have problem with your machine. Overheat/throttling. also 8gb ddr4 2400

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i have i5 8250u with 171 points. It looks like you have problem with your machine. Overheat/throttling. also 8gb ddr4 2400

This only happens in FAF. There are no problems with the temperature and it is not higher than 60 degrees. All tests are normal and show high performance. All the games show themselves perfectly. Except for FAF.

Nividea bug? But kind of issue do you even have?


For another data point my last computer had a 4790k and got a score of 142 and ran the game very well. That's a 2014 cpu, and I think i had 8gb of ram with an r9 280 video card. My current 8700k gets only a slightly better score, 136 I think.
Not really sure what is a "reasonably priced" cpu to you, but I suppose if you are looking at new, maybe the i5-10600k might be a good value as it is currently under 200 at microcenter in the USA. In any case, I think if you can get a clock speed of about 4ghz or higher you should have no problems.
I know my gaming laptop scored around 200ish and also struggled in larger games, also likely due to overheating others have mentioned.

This processor is worse than the first-generation intel 7 laptop. It's just impossible to play. But in all tests, Ryzen is ahead of this i7 at times. And in other games, it is clearly much more powerful. It's a shame that this is happening in the FAF.

Unless you tell us what exactly you issue is (low FPS? causing lag in multiplayer?) all of this discussion is useless. Because probably your problem has nothing to do with CPU.

the single threaded benchmark is the most relevant for faf https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html

thanks alot everyone for your replies, this helps!

My work laptop was pretty poor for FAF. I realised that:

  • The GPU is crap and is a bottleneck. Runnng the game at 2k with all the settings on high is more than the laptop GPU could cope with. I watched the performance monitor and realised I had to drop the resolution and quality down.

  • Even though the CPU might be good/okay if the cooling is poor, it will thermal throttle.

  • RAM speeds can make a difference. Fast RAM works better and can give 10% gains in performance.

I'm currently in the process of trying to attach an external graphics card using a thunderbolt connection, to see how performance changes.

I have Ryzen 7 2700x and GPU Radeon RX580 8g. 24g DDR4 good RAM and Samsung SSD 970 EVO. I play basicly with all graphics set at minimum. Last short Seton I had middle FPS 45, and 41 ms reading on GPU. I have basicly never problems on teamgames. (Once had a lag because of Windows update.) I have good connection and good ping. FAF ping 181. But I would like to have more FPS... I use a television as screen, with max rate of 60FPS, but still I feel that I should not have so much drops on FPS. Any idea why so low FPS, someone?

I'm a big ultrabook fan and fell for the thermal throttle trick in 2017. My HP Envy is having big issues running games with more than 4 players, rest is fine. I used to play on my old work laptop that had a normal cooling system (i5, gen 5) and worked fine even in dual gap, getting to -2 simspeed at its worst.
I have a question, though, how much have ultrabooks improved in the past several years? I am looking into getting a ZenBook Duo 14 UX482, which is supposed to consistently run at good GHz, but I'm sceptical about longer time under heavier load. Has anyone had an opportunity to try the laptop yet (or similar higher-end ultrabooks)?