2021 April League Invitational

April League Invitational

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Welcome to the first Invitational Tournament in the new League Invitational Series concept. I’ve explained a lot about this tournament in the general thread for the series, so feel free to refer to that thread for additional information. I’ll put a link at the bottom of this post. I’ll keep these event-specific threads with information related specifically to that invitational.

This event will involve the top 8 players of the March League Month facing off against one another in a Round-Robin format over the weekend of April 10th and April 11th. These players will be fighting not only for a cash prize, but also for points that will help secure themselves a spot in the FAF LotS End-of-the-Year Tournament!

Tournament Dates:

April 10th 14:00 UTC

April 11th 14:00 UTC

Challonge: https://challonge.com/s92acdem
IRC: #IRCApril

Event LiveCasting:

The event should be covered by archsimkat and Farmsletje.

Link: https://www.twitch.tv/faflive

Current Prize Pool: $150

Interested in Donating?
Contact me on the Forums/Discord/FAF Client.

Tournament Structure:

This Tournament will take the top 8 interested 1800+ players sorted by their placement on the preceding month’s league leaderboard. If a player fails to claim an invite, their spot will be given to the 9th place finisher and so on.

Then, these 8 players will proceed to play a Round Robin format against one another with each game series being a BO3. Day 1 of the Tournament will be 4 BO3s with Day 2 being the final 3 BO3 games.

In the case of ties, the following system will be used to get uncontested placements:

First, I will utilize total BO3 wins against the opponents you are tied with.

Then, I will use total point differentials. Essentially if someone won a series 2-0, they will gain 2 point score differential in the tournament. If they win 2-1, they only get 1. If you have more total points across all of your games than the person you tied, you rank higher than them.

If there is still some sort of tie left, then it will be determined by highest ladder rating.

Maps Selection:

The map pool for this event will utilize the ladder pool of the preceding month. It will follow the standard 15 map pool 4/6/5 breakdown from last year’s LotS event.

In order to select the maps played for each BO3, the two participants in each stage will discuss amongst themselves which maps they would like to veto. Each player will be given the right to 3 vetoes and the bottom player in the bracket will be given the first veto. Each player will also submit vetoes sequentially. Once the list is down to 9 maps, the players will be given the right to pick which of the nine they wish to play. The bottom seed will be given the right to pick the first map and the top seed will pick the second.

In the case of a tie, the players will veto down to a single map with the bottom seed once again having the first veto.

Map Pool:

Ambush the enemy
Canis River
Crimson Feud
Desert Arena - FAF Version

8 - Badlands_v4
Open Palms
Vya-3 Protectorate

The Bermuda Locket - FAF Version
Crossfire Canal - FAF Version
The Ditch
Gateway and Rose
Point of Reach v4


1st: 12 points, $100, unique ava (working on the ava)
2nd: 10 points, $50
3rd: 8 points
4th: 5 points
5th: 4 points
6th: 3 points
7th: 2 points
8th: 1 point

The Players:

  1. EspinoZa
  2. Auricocorico
  3. Swkoll
  4. Tex
  5. Shen
  6. Raider-
  7. ZLO
  8. Inspektor_Kot

This tournament will also follow standard FAF tournament rules. Any comments or concerns about the procedures or structure of the tournament? Please post them here.

Helpful Links:

League Leaderboards:

League Months:

Nexus Series Thread:

Will you host for the lower brackets as well? I would be willing to TD for 1300-1800. Or play if it happens without me being TD.

1300-1800 bracket has more unknown faces to me that I’m not sure I can reach. Since I need to have invites accepted within a week, don’t want to deal with the added stress when I need to worry about the 1800+ bracket.

If someone else wants to host something similar for lower brackets they are of course free to do so.

Signing up, provided I don't fall 6 places in the next two weeks.

Cool looking tournament, I like the veto system you have in place for the maps.

Sadly, i'm away from the 7th to the 11th. Could play other days, but it's probably best I leave my spot to the next person.

Nevermind, French gov just announced new restrictions, so i'm stuck at home and I can play 😄

Alright, people can feel free to sign up here or message me via pm. I'll begin adding people that are interested in playing now. Your seeding will be based on your placement in the league, so even if you placed out of the top 8 you can still sign up in the case someone decides they cannot show up.

As a reminder the tournament is on both the 10th and the 11th.

I am join the fight


Signing up

Let's go!

Posted the condensed 15 map pool.

@FtXCommando said in 2021 April League Invitational:

Each player will be given the right to 3 vetoes and the bottom player in the bracket will be given the first veto.

Just to be clear :
bottom player in the bracket = bottom seed = player with lowest rating / or / player with lowest league points ?

At this rate we soon have more tournaments than people in the respective bracket. Not saying it’s bad, just saying.

@Auricocorico said in 2021 April League Invitational:

@FtXCommando said in 2021 April League Invitational:

Each player will be given the right to 3 vetoes and the bottom player in the bracket will be given the first veto.

Just to be clear :
bottom player in the bracket = bottom seed = player with lowest rating / or / player with lowest league points ?

It'll be the player with the lowest league points. I'm really impartial to it being rating or league points, I just stuck with league points because it makes it easier for me to seed the initial invited players as people sign up.

Also I’m still looking for anybody interested in casting the event on Saturday specifically, Sunday is already covered.

Damn i'm so screwed xD

I'm just asking, but is there any way to fit/modify this tournament into one day, or split up between 2 weeks? I love playing tournaments and all, but for me personally this will be 4-6 hour chunks of my weekend started at 10AM and going until 2-4PM. It kind of destroys my entire weekend to participate in this. I'm not sure if I will be able to make this tournament anymore, I have work to do and/or actually want to go outside and do things now that the weather is nice. Granted, that's my perogative, but for a smaller bi-monthly tournament to take this long on two consecutive days is a bit brutal for people who want/need to do things on the weekend.

Just my two cents.

I can play for 100$ when u wanna it, so that is only ur problem Tex, wanna money work hard!


It's round Robin, so I guess it's very easy to play some games another day if you think you'll have limited time on the week end right ? Like, you could choose to play one opponent or two during the week.
Just play pespi or thomas on the weekend so it can be streamed on faflive

Stuff can be worked out but there are a few things to consider:

  1. You can’t do a 7 part round-robin over a single day unless they are all BO1 which is a terrible format.
  2. The single weekend is my subjective opinion. I felt that it’s easier to reserve a single free weekend, particularly since these series are consistently the 2nd week of every even month, than it is to reserve 1 day over 2 weekends. I also know from personal experience that the longer of a time you put between tournament dates, the larger the attrition rate typically goes.
  3. I would personally rather have something that allows the players to play everyone to compete for where they should be. While you can do things like double elimination, it does mean an unfortunate seeding could knock you out fairly quickly.

Ultimately it’s up to whether people want to sacrifice the general bullshit double elimination can bring or want to do round robin.

I’m not sure how to feel about the weekday games idea. It would need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis and might make things extremely complicated pretty quickly. I’d rather it be the exception than the rule.